Readers' Hotline 11/19/12

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Editor's Note:
Last week, a caller asked for information about a local handmade laundry soap company. The company's contact information, according to owner Terry Russell, is 238-1337 or 233-5615.

In shape
I woke to find out President Obama won. I prayed about this real hard and I know God elected Obama because he knew that’s what we needed to keep this country in the shape it needs to be in.
Safe Halloween
I’d like to thank all the merchants and law enforcement officials and fire department that participated in the Safe Halloween this year. That was very nice. We took the kids up there. They enjoyed themselves and it made him safe and we knew the stuff we got wasn’t going to be tampered with. Thank you, and God bless you all.

Try a big fine
I say it again: to get these people to stop littering and throwing trash out in people’s yards, you need a $5,000 fine and a six-month license suspension. I don’t know why lawmakers don’t get the message.

GOP did not prevail
Despite all the obscene amount of money thrown to Romney and all the blatant lies broadcasted, and trying to make it difficult for people to vote, the Republican Party did not prevail. I am especially proud of Virginia for going Democratic. The state is changing for the better. The more diversity we have, the less impact Bible thumpers will have on our state. The Religious Right, or as I like to call them, the American Taliban, has been rebuked. All they do is judge instead of looking at their faults. I am part of the 47 percent who receives Medicare and Social Security and they are not entitlements but something I paid in to and deserve. All the Republican Party had to do in the past is get people stirred up about gun control, gays, abortion, religion and it takes followers’ minds off the real issues.

Not worth it
Layaway is ridiculous. It doesn’t even need to be called layaway if you can’t lay away even the smallest of items. That’s what layaway is for — laying away Christmas presents regardless if it is $10 or $50 or $500 — to pay a little on it so you can get it out before Christmas. [Some] layaway guidelines are ridiculous and they need to be posted on the outside of a store so you don’t spend forever looking for something and get back there for them to tell you that you can’t lay it away.

How can you sleep?
So Obama got re-elected. Well, that is very interesting, given how bad the economy is. Some of you folks who live around here voted for him. We can tell that from the returns. So, those of you all who did, here is my question to you. I have family members who need a job. They want a job and can’t find one or the job they have is below their capability. They can’t find a better job. They have to leave the area to find one. How can you walk down the street and look those people in the eye? How can you sleep at night knowing you voted for this man who doesn’t care whether we have any jobs in Southwest Virginia or not? Having your political opinion is fine, but this man doesn’t care about people and shame on you for helping him.

Still disgusted
Well, the election is over with. I didn’t know how stupid and wicked the people were in the United States, to elect a president that believes in [abortion] and homosexuals. I have never been so disgusted in all my life. Even Obama down to the wire said to vote for revenge. He doesn’t know what revenge is, because God took the last slap in the face he is going to take. The U.S. deserves everything that God does to it.

Indoors dog
This is for whoever is so worried about my dog on Cranberry Road because he doesn’t have a doghouse. Well, he has food and water and shelter and he doesn’t have a doghouse because he shares my house. He sleeps at the foot of my bed each night and is well cared for. So, thank you for your concern. There is no abuse to see here. I’m sure there are lots of others dogs for you to save. Good luck.

Pray up
We have record storms, record earthquakes, catastrophic things happening in our nation. Our votes were almost 50/50 on whom to elect. We have never been more divided. The KKK rallied in the south on election day. The Black Panthers rallied in the north on election day. The market fell 300 points when they announced President Obama was re-elected. Our dollar value fell. Two states voted to legalize gay marriage. If we continue down an immoral, Godless road, turning back to the principles this nation was founded on, we will be no different than Great Britain, The Roman Empire or any other country that abandoned its principles. We will fall. If President Obama was white with this economy and unemployment and not saying he is going to pass out green cards like campaign fliers, he never would have been re-elected. Unite as one nation under God. Jesus is coming on a white horse, not out of a White House. John Hagee says it best, “pray up, pack up and look up, because He is coming. Are you ready?”

Anybody watching?
There is a house in Grayson County where a man lives with his son. A son who is completely separated from his friends and family because the father has a dogged determination to be sole influence over his son, and a despicable influence, I might add. This child lives in a house where he is covered with a blanket before receiving a whipping so there won’t be any bruises or marks. What kind of childhood is this? What kind of life does this child have not understanding what is going on and why? I ask you, does anybody watch? Is anybody listening? Can’t somebody please help?

Paying your dues
I’m calling about the felony thing all these companies have. Even if somebody messed up one time and has a felony, I don’t know why they say once you have done your time, you have paid your debt to society because that is not right. Companies use that against you and that is legal discrimination. If somebody messed up one time and haven’t been in any trouble since, they need to be given a chance where they can be given a job to provide for their family and children. Holding that against you is ridiculous. In some cases it might hold true but most of the time you have something happen to you in a split second and you pay for it the rest of your life. I wish someone would change where they give felons a chance to prove themselves to be honest, hard working people.

Can’t get ahead
The discrimination against single mothers in this town seriously needs to be resolved. Not all of us have four or five different children with four or five different men. How are we ever supposed to get off welfare if nobody in this town will give us a decent job? My ex, who avoids paying child support at all costs, has had five or six different jobs just this year. Tell me that is fair or that is equal opportunity employment.

Benefits a few
This concerns Carroll County wanting to pour more money into the airport project. Surely to goodness we don’t need that. A lot of poor people are in need of food and shelter and things for the county to benefit. The airport benefits nobody but a few.

Show love
I saw in the Hotline about a young mother and her foul mouth. I know about this event you are talking about at a store. She needs to show respect to her child to be a good mother. I hope this girl has family who can help her. It is obvious she is self-centered. Not all teenage girls act this way. Some are very good mothers and put their child first. I feel sad for this girl. I hope one day she will see what she had because one day this child will grow up and see what she is like. So, in time, I hope she will grow up and realize that it is so very important to show love, not just to the child, but out in this world so this child will know how to act.

Other owners
Do a little investigating. Cliffside was not sold to the Griffeths by the Feltses. It was owned by three or four members of Galax as a group before the Griffeths purchased Cliffside.
Editor’s note: The caller is correct. There was an owner or owners between the time the Felts family and the Griffeths owned the house. In speaking with the auction company about the feature story on Cliffside, those interim owners were not mentioned to the reporter.