Readers' Hotline 11/14/12

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Meddling parents
It’s obvious for Carroll County athletics, I don’t know what the fuss is over what district we play in. We won’t be competitive as long as athletics are run by the good ole boy network of parents.

Keep it straight
This call is for the Hotline editor. Under most circumstances, I would be the last person in the world to defend a member of the Fourth Estate. But, I feel compelled to defend the editor of the Hotline. It is completely appropriate that the editor should respond with facts to any given call. The editor should never condone or submit to a bullying response to those facts.

Helping out?
I would just like to know if the Grayson County School System made students sell tickets to help a family whose housed burned. I know they have done this in the past for other families who lost their homes and I just wondered if the students were made to sell tickets to help this family.

Concerned citizens would like to know why a [description omitted] vehicle is always parked at the Grayson County School Board central office after 5 p.m. every day of the week and three out of four Saturday mornings each month. We are wondering which adopted policy by the school system covers this.

Payback, someday
The Grayson County eighth grade boys basketball team played at Galax Nov. 5. The young boys played their hearts out but were defeated by a superior team. It was a shame that Galax ran the score up by using starters and their height and speed to expand the scoring. When are coaches going to realize what a negative and disrespected approach to a game might mean to them in the future? Remember coaches, what goes around comes around, sooner or later.

Puzzling policy
My wife has been battling a fatal liver disease. At her last examination, the doctor said there was nothing else that can be done so the doctor prescribed a stronger pain medication and sent her home. I try to make her comfortable and the pain medication is a blessing. But, the red tape has been awful. She got her first prescription with no trouble but after being on her addictive medication for 30 days, she was issued another prescription but when she took it in to the pharmacist, he said that her insurance wouldn’t cover it. We had to pay almost $200 to get it filled. I’m a senior and disabled and so is my wife. After we pay rent and electrical, we don’t even have $200 left to get through until the next month. I asked the pharmacist why her insurance covered it last month and won’t this month. He says her doctor has to write her insurance company and tell them it is a necessary medication, which her doctor didn’t do. Her doctor didn’t write a letter the month before and her medication was approved. Did her doctor make a mistake? Maybe it was the pharmacist last month or the pharmacist this month who made the mistake. Regardless, we have to pay for it. What gives?

Be wary
I too, would be afraid to make a statement and sign God’s name on it. Man is walking on very dangerous ground when he assumes he knows the mind of God. The Bible warns to neither add to nor take away from His word. Christians should be very wary of other supposed Christians that use the name of God to further their own social or political agenda.

Shutting down
It is a mistake closing Southwest Virginia Training Center. That will put a lot of people out of work. These Republicans will close everything if you let them.

In response
To the call about spider repellent. The church youth group that had the hedge apples is Mount Vale United Methodist Church.