Readers' Hotline 11/13/13

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Meaner and meaner
I am amazed by people. I was recently involved with an animal that was abused. Came home with its tail duct-taped and its mouth duct-taped with a cigarette in its mouth. I was told to call and report this to animal control. Animal abuse and neglect is nothing to be laughed at. It is a serious matter and we all need to take this seriously. Our pets are part of our families. This world needs a lot of prayers going on right now. People are getting meaner and meaner and this old world is not going to be around very much longer.

Helped along
When you are out in public, especially the store, and you see elderly people being assisted by young people, they are so kind and nice to them. Hope they are this kind to them at home. Makes you wonder.

Why the attacks?
My goodness, the things people have to worry about. Who gives a hoot whether someone mows their yard? If it bothers you so bad, get off your high horse and go mow it or do it yourself like a good neighbor. Maybe the people are sick or unable. Maybe they died or lost their job. Maybe their lawn mower broke and they can’t afford to fix it. Why does everyone start attacking each other all the time? What happened to “What would Jesus do?” And, all these regulations by cities and counties for not mowing or fixing up a house or paying for water, it is the same as being fined for not being able to afford health insurance. This is not a free country anymore unless you are on welfare. Hard-working middle class citizens are screwed in this soon-to-be communist country.

Fertilizer for neighbors
People have a lot of nerve bringing their dog into our yard to use the bathroom. They just smile and wave. We have to mow where you are bringing your dog. I wonder if you will be smiling when I take my dog into your yard.

Rain or shine
I’m calling in reference to the article encouraging students to walk or bike to school. I recall that many years ago my brothers and sisters and I always walked a distance to and from school even in snow, sleet or rain, because we had no other choice. I still have many certificates for perfect attendance. If that is encouraging, it should be. Of course, then was a safer time.

Enforcement appreciated
A well deserved thank you for the Twin County Drug Task Force. A well deserved thank you for the identification, investigation and apprehension of all those who violate the controlled substance laws. Thank you all for removing not only those who sell illegal drugs, but those that come to buy the drugs from our neighborhood. Thank you again for your dedication, courage and patience and thoroughness in preparation of each individual case for the prosecuting attorney. Never forget there are many honest, hard-working citizens that appreciate what law enforcement officers are doing daily as they protect and serve the public. God bless you all.

Check it twice
When you receive your electric power bill, check it carefully. They moved $100 twice from payments to the Neighbor to Neighbor program. Then, after a long hassle to finally get through to them on the telephone, a very nice lady is now trying to straighten it all out.

Come and get it
Will the woman who purchased the umbrellas and bedspread at my yard sale please leave a note or your number on my front door with your phone number so I can call her to pick them up at Fox Run? She didn’t leave a forwarding address or anything. They have been here about two weeks. I don’t know if she forgot.

In broad daylight
Family of four comes to Galax. Goes to Barr’s Fiddle Shop. Check. Main Street Bike Shop. Check. Cones N Coffee. Check. And, low and behold along the strip, a tattoo parlor with a [mannequin] with a negligee on. Way to go, Galax. Way to go.

Had a cost
Those Republicans that shut the government down are going to cost the taxpayers $2 billion paying back the people that were laid off. At least Virginia had enough sense to put a Democrat governor in.
Editor’s note: Federal employees will get back pay to cover wages lost during the government shutdown.

Slime ball
As an animal owner and animal lover, I could not believe what had happened in Galax, when I read about the cat that was injured on purpose. I wish I had money and could afford a gigantic reward for the capture of this slime ball. The next victim will be a child. It is a published fact that child abusers started out as animal abusers. I hope and pray they get this sick-o and put them away. If anyone knows anything, please help the police. This person needs help. They are sick. I wish that I could pay the animal’s vet bill.

Editor's note: As of Monday, the reward fund for information leading to a conviction in this case was up to $700.

Needs payback
Whoever did that thing to that cat — taped that cat’s mouth shut and burned it — needs the same thing done to them and about 20 years in a penitentiary. Because they will do the same thing and they will do it to people. Get rid of that no-count bum.