Readers' Hotline 11/12/12

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Editor’s Note: Some partisan calls from both sides about candidates in the election were received between deadlines for the Readers Hotline that appeared last week and this week. They have been omitted because, after the election, they are no longer relevant.

Time to leave
I just saw on television where this mother lost the two children — four and two years old — that were in her arms. The storm took them out of her arms. I can’t understand to save my life. People knew that storm was coming and they hang around and this destruction happens and they don’t get out. Nobody would have to tell me to get out. I would have sense enough to go. Those people in New Jersey — those losers that are taking stuff from people’s property — they need to be put in jail for about 20 years because that is about as sorry and low down as a person can get.

This is to the caller “keep it local.” I live in Virginia. We all need jobs, but do you realize how many Virginians go into the Carolinas to work every day?

Front page worthy
I’m calling about page nine of the Oct. 31 edition. There was a proposed constitutional amendment published in great detail. With this election being so, so important this year, I feel this would have been better kept on the front page information just to make sure persons who might otherwise be on the sidelines about voting this year would have a little more information available to them that might push them on to the election boxes to make decisions. This is very important information and I feel like it should have been on the front page as opposed to the spooky tales and other stuff that was on the front page. While that information is valuable, I feel this is of utmost importance and should have been front page information.
Editor’s note: The caller refers to a full page ad about two proposed constitutional amendments that were on the 2012 budget in Virginia. Paid advertising does not appear on the front page of The Gazette.

Great soap
Does anyone in Galax know how to get in touch with the Russell Company of Galax? This company made a laundry detergent called Mountain Girl Handmade Laundry Soap. It was sold in a local grocery store. It was great, especially for people with allergies to strong detergents. I can’t find the number in the phone book and I can’t find the laundry soap in any store. Does anyone in Galax know about this company or if they still make this great laundry soap?
Editor’s note: We can’t find any reference to a Russell Company that makes soap in Galax. Maybe our readers can help out with a contact number?

Health plan
When you go to your doctor and they ask you to update your medical record, be careful because you could be answering questions to Obama’s health plan. The people that are in charge of the Obama health plan are the departments and Bureau of the Health and Human Services, the ATF and the IRS.

A free ride
I’d like citizens of Grayson County to know that we have a car that is hauling a special needs child in Grayson County Schools seven miles from the red light in Independence and then the car is going extra miles to Fort Chiswell every day home. It is time the citizens know about some of this. If school board members have voted for it, need to hit the road. Anybody that would waste taxpayer money like that.

Why needed?
I was just wondering why we are supporting members of government that have extra jobs. Why do we need them in there to pay them a paycheck? We are not getting anywhere in Carroll County or Hillsville with them in there. Why don’t we throw them out?

Late qualifiers
How is it that two seventh grade boys get added to the middle school basketball team after it has already been posted for a week who made the team at Grayson County High School. These two boys did not come to every day of the tryouts and were not listed as members of the team after final cuts. How is that fair? What about the other seventh grade boys who tried out, came every day and did not miss any days? If the coach cut them the first time, how did he go back and add them now?

His own words
I called last week and disputed that Obama was not a Christian and gave a website to hear Obama in his own words make fun of the Bible and Christianity and people that read the Bible, talk about his Muslim faith and his homeland in his own words. Now, if you will get on YouTube, Mr. Editor, and check it out yourself, you will find out who Obama really is.
Editor’s note: We watched the clip. It’s a 12-second snippet from ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulus,” in which Mr. Obama, during the 2008 campaign, is talking about the fact that his opponent, John McCain, has not made an issue of Obama’s faith. At the time, some of Obama’s critics accused him of secretly being a Muslim. Obama accidentally says “my Muslim faith...” and Stephanopoulos points out the error. Obama corrects himself by continuing the sentence with “my Christian faith...” Hardly evidence of anything, but you can watch it here and decide for yourself www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKGdkqfBICw.

Wants to help
Every time I read about the Hillsville Pentecostal Holiness Church and that terrible water bill they have, I feel so sad. As a Catholic, I would like to send them a check to help them pay the bill. I hope other Christians can do the same. Can you please put their address in the Hotline as soon as possible?

Poor example
I’d like to know what is up with these teenage mothers. I was at a Halloween event and the teenage mother was there with her adorable little boy. She was very rude and her language was awful. These babies did not ask to be born and if they could ask, do you think it would be by a person like that? It just shows how self-centered they are. If they were ready to be a mother, they would not act this way. I have seen some teenage mothers that are great mothers and I applaud them. But, to the teenage mother I saw, it was obvious at how rude she was and self-centered. You need to clean up and you need to clean up that mouth and grow up. Would you like for your child to grow up this way? If you don’t act better, this is exactly how he is going to act and what a waste this would be.

Doesn’t add up
I would just like to wonder what is going on with the gas. I guess everybody else does too. In our neighborhood of Galax, it has been $3.34 and $3.35 a gallon. In North Carolina, our neighboring state below the mountain, it is always higher. They have a much higher road tax than we do. On Nov. 2, I happened to make a trip down that way and noticed their gas is $3.24 a gallon. When they have a higher tax than we do, I couldn’t understand the $3.24 and us up here in our mountain community, at $3.35. We are a bunch of backwoods people and we don’t understand how the system works.

An American right
I’ll be so glad when election day is over. Seems like the most people that argue and fuss over politics are the ones that never have voted. I think it is sad that anyone can live in America and not really want to vote because that is their American right. One day we might not be America. I pray for those people and I hope a lot of other people will do.

Sign defaced
Whoever is painting and defacing and vandalizing the sign coming in to Fries dam, if they catch them or have caught them or whatever, they ought to literally throw the book at them. They ought to really nail them big time. Probably some little young jerk that has nothing better to do and his parents haven’t taught him any better. Getting out here and doing that. Nail them to the wall. Shouldn’t let them by with a slap on the wrist. That was a nice-looking sign with a lot of hard work put into it. No excuse for something like that.