Readers' Hotline 11/11/13

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Don’t tinker
For years I went around to all the fall festivals held at schools or anywhere else that basically raises money, and participated in the auctions, the festivities, buying things. I now have children that are in the elementary schools. I have always favored one particular school over all the others. This year I recently went to their fall festival and it was completely different. I didn’t favor it at all. I just don’t understand how, if people are having marvelous results, great turnout and someone can come in to that system and completely change everything they have been doing for countless years, since I can remember.

Fresh air
I am responding to “let it burn.” I don’t have asthma, emphysema or have never smoked cigarettes. That’s probably why my smell is so sensitive. If Galax did charge a fee just like they do for yard sales, this would help defer some of the costs when they do get called out to put out a brush fire. Also, when you burn, you should be there to tend the fire. That is what I was told. I do worry about the effects of pollution on our weather. You are supposed to be a good neighbor. Give us some fresh air once in a while to breathe. I do like fresh air. I don’t know why other people don’t. That is their own preference. Like I say, I have never smoked, so maybe that may be it. I don’t know.

Politicians, repent
After reading all the recent political mailers and ads we have been getting in the mail, I feel compelled to remind the politicians out there that lying is sin. I’d also like to remind them that mud slinging based on half-truths and bold out lies are in no way a Southwest Virginia value. Most of all, I would like to suggest to the politicians, instead of them going every Sunday and hopping from church to church and shaking hands in a way to try to garner some votes from church members, they might want to stop in a church and kneel down and repent for their sins they have been doing during the week.

Be jinxed
This is about the wheelbarrow. I was trying to be nice when I put that in there. They didn’t borrow it. They just stole it. I just have to be honest. They just plain stole the thing and I was just trying to be nice by saying they borrowed it. I think I will put a jinx on whoever got it and whoever has it now.

Tales for print
After reading the ghost stories in The Gazette, I was just wondering if the man who once did ghost tours around Galax on Halloween ever put the local ghost stories in a booklet for sale. It would make a good tourist souvenir.
Editor’s note: To our knowledge, the stories from the “Ghosts of Galax” historic walking tour have not been collected, but that does sound like a good idea for a book.

Confused or lost
This is in reference to note on the main drag in the Hotline. Mr. Editor, you commented that for what it’s worth, the temporary traffic delays were announced in advance. You should have also commented that the caller was incorrect. Virginia 89 was not blocked off and the truckers’ route was not blocked off and there were no streets on Main Street blocked off. He was confused or lost, one or the other.

Do it yourself
To the nosey person in the Comers Rock/Elk Creek area who left a note in my mailbox last month, this is not my business, but since you think it is yours, you tell them yourself instead of asking someone else to do your dirty work. You nosey coward.

What about me?
I saw in the paper where Greg Crowder was for moving his business to Hillsville. How could Hillsville and Carroll County give away building and land again? Must be nice that Hillsville is looking after one individual’s business interest. I have a small business. Would they relocate me?
Editor’s note: Carroll County is selling the former KDH plant to Classic Creations, in which Mr. Crowder is a partner. There is no “giveaway” involved. Hillsville has no role in the sale.

Some nerve
I’m just surprised that politicians were asking for people’s votes, with the shape they have this country in already.

Heed the warnings
These people that go online saying they are going to do this or that, that should be a crime and those people need to be arrested or put away with, right away. There have been too many killings with people going online to say they are going to do this or that and nothing is done about it.

Don’t force it
This Obamacare, forcing people to buy health insurance whether they want it or not, and if they don’t buy it, they go to jail, I think it is very unconstitutional. How about poor people that don’t have the money to pay $300 a month for Obamacare insurance? If we don’t buy it, we will either get fined or go to jail. Reminds me of the days of the gangsters in the 1920s and 1930s when they would walk into someone’s store and force them to buy protection. Call it protection insurance. I tell you what. I ain’t buying any of that Obamacare. They want to put me in jail, then they can feed me and keep me in jail. I don’t care. It’s unconstitutional to pay for something I don’t want. The system might be right but I don’t want to be told that I have to do it.
Editor’s note: There’s no jail involved. According to USA Today, “the law specifically states that those who do not pay the penalty ‘shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution.’ Shortly after the law passed, the IRS commissioner at the time said the law precludes jail, but violators will likely face offsets against future tax refunds.”

Don’t bother
We keep getting all these political calls and I just wondered, can’t the politicians hire people that can read and don’t they understand what the Do Not Call list is for? I absolutely don’t appreciate all these calls from politicians. We make our own mind up. Don’t need help over the telephone.
Editor’s note: There are exemptions. The National Do Not Call Registry does not limit calls by political organizations or charities, or for telephone surveys, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

In bad taste
Is there anybody besides me that feels like calling on Sunday for politicians trying to get votes is in bad taste? Sunday is not the day to do politicking. Sunday is the day of the Lord and I am very upset with it and I probably wouldn’t vote for the ones that have called because I don’t think they’ve got good minds.

Turned off
This is to all you politicians who try to call my home and get my vote. If you worked as hard every day of the year as you work during election, we might get something done. But, since you call my home and bother me day after day, and I have received seven calls today, I’m not voting. And, as long as you call my home, I am never voting.

Closing time
I’m calling about a store that has two cashiers that mostly work in the evenings and at night. All they want to do is stand at the registers and yack. I have been in there several times and they were rude to me. I was in there the other night and they wouldn’t even do a walk-through in the store. I went in at 20 minutes to 9 and I was rushing around because I knew they closed at 9. When I got up to the register, they said, “I’m sorry, but we are closed.” One girl said, “Well, I yelled and yelled and nobody said anything.” But, if you are up at the register and I’m at the back of the store, I’m not going to hear somebody yell. She was too sorry to walk through the store to see if there was anyone in there. They could have locked me in there.

Going downhill
I wanted to put something in the Hotline about a workplace. Please rescue the workplace. Work was good before. It has been going downhill every day. Put us back to work, please. And a good raise.

Drop it
As a huge Washington Redskins fan (win or lose), regarding the controversy over dropping the name Redskins, the best idea is dropping the name Washington.