Readers' Hotline 10/31/11

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Editor’s note: Calls about specific candidates and campaigns for November’s election are not published in the Hotline.

Pride in Fries
My wife and I were gone to church in Fries on Sunday morning and we were coming down Scenic Road and saw that new sign the town put up, and I just want to compliment it and say that is one beautiful sign. We talked to someone at church that said the Fries Beautification Club or something put it up, so we stopped on the way back out of town just to look at it, and that is one fine sign. That fiddle really captures the spirit of the town, and that spool of cotton [captures the Fries mill’s past]. It really gives me a lot of pride to live in Fries. A big thanks to the beautification club for a great-looking sign.

Seems unreasonable
I’m just calling about the Rooftop investigation. I wonder how long they will be let people stay on pay [while suspended]. It seems unreasonable to me. What a waste.

Made the list
Sellers beware, because if you sell your property in Grayson County before your taxes are due and your taxes are to be pro-rated, you will get your name in the paper on delinquent taxes. I know. Been there and done that.

Don’t bother
When you are running for a political office seat, we don’t need your church resume. I wouldn’t open that door.

Running late
We are just trying to get someone’s attention regarding the local transit. We have a business that we are trying to run. Several of our employees try to use the transit. They call two hours in advance. They say that the person they talk to apparently forgets to write things down, because even when they call two hours in advance, our employees are always late. Even the ones that are normally on time are late because of the transit sometimes. So, if they could just get somebody’s attention that maybe we need a better system in place for the transit scheduling, it would be appreciated.

Thanks for the support
This is the mother of Noelle Evans. I was just wanting to call and thank everybody that supported my daughter in the beautiful baby photo contest.

Creatures of habit
Some people around here, when somebody gets their seat in church on Sunday morning, they get real upset. If they can’t have the same table at a restaurant they get upset. Or wherever they are used to having the same place to sit in, they get very, very upset. I wonder if tornadoes or floods or something would strike around here. How could those people take disasters like we see on television? Grow up, people. Realize what’s important.

Own up to it
I am a taxpayer in Carroll County. I really don’t care about the dress code at Carroll County High School. I feel that teachers at the high school have always looked nice. What concerns me is that no one will say that the dress code was their idea — not the principal, not the superintendent, not the school board. So, I wonder, if they can’t be honest over a little thing like this… Maybe we need to clean house and start from scratch.

An earful in Fries
I’d just like to know what is wrong with the people of Fries. All they do is complain. They complain about the upper end of the county getting everything new, especially the school. They had their choice to build a new one or remodel the old one. They chose the latter. They should have built a new school. They should run the people out of town that chose the old one, because they have no parking, no recreation area, no chance of ever adding on. This is their fault. I just wonder what they think about kids at the middle school and the high school. They don’t have air conditioning, don’t have adequate room, rooms are worn down, no electricity, bad heating systems. It has got to so you can’t stand to stop in Fries just to hear all the people complain.

Slick moves?
Boy, those weasels in Washington may think they are pretty slick, especially this Obama. They are finally going to give Social Security recipients an increase of 3 percent. But, you know something, Obama is cagey — he hasn’t given us a pay raise in three years but now he is giving us 3 percent. But, if we had gotten a pay raise when we were supposed to at 2.5 percent, right now we would have 7.5 percent pay raise. Of course he is doing it now for re-election. Also, bringing the troops home. Also a big slick move. Election year. I wouldn’t vote for him again and I am a Democrat. I don’t think I am going to even vote Republican. I have lost faith in the whole bunch. They all stink.
Editor’s note: An ongoing economic formula automatically determines whether Social Security recipients get an annual increase. It is not subject to a decision by Congress or the president each year, but rather to what the formula determines.

Award some cake mix
Regarding bingo at the rec center, how about some prizes more suitable for adults. Just anything we can use. Like food products, cake mixes and so forth. That would be more suitable for adults, I think.

Wants useful prizes
We love to play bingo each month. Our wish list is to have more useful prizes for seniors. For instance, personal, household and food.

Native American responds
I got a kick out of the caller who wanted to credit Native Americans instead of Columbus for discovering America. I would like to thank him as a Native American myself. It is true Columbus died believing he had sailed around the world to the Indies. The Italian, Amerigo Vespucci was the first European to realize that unknown continents were here. He doesn’t have a holiday like Columbus, but the Americas are named for him. Columbus should be known for confusing the world by calling us Indians. The British called us red Indians to distinguish us from the Indians in the East Indies and in India. Columbus showed Europeans how a man of no noble breeding could rise above a set station in life. There’s a joke that goes, Columbus didn’t know where he was going when he got there, he didn’t know where he had been and he did it all with someone else’s money. The Europeans have been following Columbus ever since. The caller was basically correct, however, I am unaware of any Viking artifacts found anywhere on the continent except Greenland and certainly not along the Mississippi and definitely not in Mexico except in the fantasy mind of Clive Cussler and his well-read novels.