Readers' Hotline 10/3/11

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Mary Poppins calling
Twin County Regional Hospital, in my treatment with the outpatient surgery team, the best adjective I can think of is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. What a caring staff. Thank you very much.
Editor’s note: And thank YOU for making our spellcheck explode. It was really quite atrocious.

Women’s fumes
I agree with the ladies wearing strong perfume and the people that have allergies. I have really bad allergies. How about adding church to that. I have had to get up and move from my seat at church and didn’t say anything. Just couldn’t breathe and it makes you really nauseated. People don’t realize that. Years ago, these perfumes didn’t smell like they do now. I don’t know what has happened to everything. It just takes your breath away nowadays.

Wrong team
I’m calling about the person that called in complaining because stores not having memorabilia and stuff for the Green Bay Packers. There’s a good answer for that. This is Cowboy country.
Editor’s note: For Packers fans, there are a lot of stores around here that sell cheese.

Reasons to patrol
I’m calling about catching speeders at Eagle Bottom. These people complaining about the 25 mph speed limit, well, if they would keep their kids out of the road and do a better job as a parent and not let them play in the road, there wouldn’t be a problem. These people need to watch what they are saying because the ones making complaints about speeding, if the cops are actually patrolling, they might catch these people for dealing drugs. That is one reason there is a lot of traffic pileups. There are people stopping in front of houses making drug transfers. I agree that cops need to patrol Eagle Bottom — not just for the speeders but for the drug use.

Costly citations
I am calling about the speed limit on Tower Road. They give a lot of tickets up here and the zone is 25 mph. It should be more than that so I am going to try and get with a supervisor and see if we can’t have that changed. They are giving a lot of tickets and people are out of work and all and they can’t afford stuff like that.

Making moonshine
I have a comment for the moonshine operation. The picture in The Gazette was wonderful. I have only seen stills like this on Andy Griffith. That thing was the neatest thing I have ever seen. It is like cling, cling, cling. Need to let the man make him a little moonshine on his own.

Wasting time
I was reading about all the speeding in Eagle Bottom. I’m sure it is the same people who speed on Tabernacle Lane and Brooms Lane. They aren’t going to do anything about it because the cops don’t get out that way. We are just wasting our time worrying about it. The drug heads will keep running up and down the road.

School bully
You hear a lot about in-school bullying. Well, it has happened in one school here. The school did not even try to find out what happened. Instead of suspending the bully, they suspended the victim. I don’t hold with this at all. I thought our schools were better. But it got so bad this student had to be transferred to another school just because they wouldn’t listen. I don’t understand why schools can’t sit down and listen to both sides. Instead, they took the bully’s side, as usual. I urge parents to listen to your children. They are the only ones you have and you can’t count on anybody else taking care of them. The only way to stop bullying is for the schools to ask questions.

What’s the difference
Drugs are such a problem and I noticed in your paper — why did the guy with the moonshine have such a big write-up and the guy charged that had so much marijuana that is harming our children and the general population only have a small column? I saw on the news that they made a big deal out of a little bit of moonshine but yet the main problem for our youth and young adults is marijuana. Just curious what the difference is.
Editor’s note: The difference was in the uniqueness of the two cases. While marijuana charges have become commonplace, it’s unusual for someone to be arrested for making moonshine.

Serve the needy
This quote [from Stephen Colbert] says it perfectly. “If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus is just as selfish as we are or we have got to acknowledge that he commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without conditions — and then admit that we just don’t want to do it.”

Moral victory
We were so proud of the Carroll County Cavaliers at homecoming — holding those Blue Devils from Grayson County down to such a low score. Go Cavaliers.

Bus ministry
I would like to thank First Baptist Church for its bus ministry. I have been hearing about it just through kids through the community. This bus ministry has been going on for over a decade and I see kids get excited about it and they are excited about going to church. These kids are learning about God and I just want to say a big thank you. This is great mission work.

Jail them for views
These people that call themselves the Tea Party — every one of them needs to be put in jail. They aren’t doing nothing but working against our government.

Dining late
I’m calling about the business hours mentioned in a Hotline call last Monday. I totally disagree that places are staying open late and not opening in the morning. There are too many restaurants around here that open in the morning and then close at 2 o’clock. Doesn’t anybody think they eat dinner around here after 2? We need more restaurants open late for the people that work during the day or work at night.

Doesn’t get it
I see gas prices are coming down now. I don’t understand why they are so high unless Obama has something to do with it.

Not molasses
The Lord’s Acre Sale is a great thing. I would like to thank the lady that made the lemon pound cake. It was delicious. I would just like to say the ones who sold me the molasses and there was Karo Syrup in the jar, I would be ashamed of myself.

Benefits affected
I remember when Ronald Regan was in office and I was on Social Security disability, and they took my Social Security from me and it took me nine months to get it back. Some of the people who had Social Security taken even died. There is no way I would vote a Republican ticket. I’ve got more sense than to do that.

Another method
To the call about “still buzzing,” you can’t burn yellow jackets out. Take a 16-ounce bottle of gas. After dark turn it upside down in the hole. Leave the bottle. Let the gas in and it will kill all the yellow jackets. You cannot burn the yellow jackets out. You have got to just pour raw gas and get away from it.

Taxing the rich
American voters, stop letting the Republican party sell you that old story that taxes can’t be raised on people making more than $250,000 a year without destroying business. Look at history. Did business stop when Bill Clinton raised taxes on the rich? No. We had more jobs and more income in the middle class where it should be because we are the major market for products made here and abroad. We had the only major reduction in the national debt during this era. Major business did not stop. They did not make as big a return after taxes, causing them displeasure, not hardship. Middle class people are having real hardship. A poll out yesterday on TV said 71 percent of the public wants higher taxes on the rich. Our representatives claim they are doing what we want. Tell your representative you will not vote for him if he is against taxing the rich.

Your turn
I have a comment for the Readers’ Hotline. A reputation is what men and women think of you. Character is what God and angels know of you. Thanks, Mr. Editor. Now, your comment.
Editor’s note: I’ll leave my comment to William Shakespeare: “Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving.”