Readers' Hotline 10/29/12

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Catch the speeders
Instead of the State Police having so many road checks up here at Pipers Gap, they need to set out radar. They could write 100 tickets a day, easy. I wish the mailboxes were on the same side of the road as houses at Pipers Gap. People in Pipers Gap think this is the Indianapolis Speedway and it is dangerous to even go to your mailbox.

Public meddling
While the Hotline can be a source of helpful info and respectful debate, opinions on overheard or partially overheard conversations, what someone’s wearing, where they are sitting, what they are wearing, where they are wearing it, what they are doing while they are wearing it, or people meeting up with others while they are married, what neighbors are doing, who they are doing it with, it shows, especially to visitors, an embarrassing tendency for people in the area to meddle in affairs where they may have an opinion, but no business.

Views of Christianity
I was disturbed by the recent Hotline call in which a self-described Christian couldn’t wait for Jesus to return and wipe the Middle East off the face of the map except for Jerusalem. I wonder what New Testament this person reads. In mine, Jesus says, “You have heard it said you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But, I say love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you so that you may be sons of your father in Heaven …” Jesus equates this love of the enemy with perfection. I guess the caller wishes Jesus had called on his father to send legions of angels to destroy the man arresting him. What view of Christianity does this call present to those outside our faith? I imagine them saying, “Boy, if that is Christianity, I want nothing to do with it.”

Little by little
I keep hearing gas was $1.86 a gallon with George Bush. Do you people not realize we were going over a cliff into a recession like in Hoover-times in the 1920s? And everything was way down, including gas. That’s why it was that price then. Where this is several years later and stronger now, getting better a little at a time, it takes a long time to get out of the mess he put us in. That is why the gas was that price then and now what it is today.

The fine print
This is in reference to Obama Care and these people that are bragging about Obama Care and how they are saving money with cheaper prescriptions. You are not reading the fine lines. If Obama Care had been fully implemented in place, my wife would be dead right now. She went in a hospital the first of April for surgery and didn’t get out of the hospital. Seven visits to the hospital to keep her alive, in critical condition. She didn’t get out of the hospital until the last of June. Had Obama Care been full in force, she would have died at home. Because, if you read that, you cannot go back to the hospital once you are dismissed for the same thing. Folks, before you start bragging about Obama Care, you better think about living.
Editor’s note: We can find no such provision that Obama Care would deny readmission of patients. However, a provision that was effective Oct. 1 will reduce reimbursements to hospitals that have high 30-day readmission rates for patients that return with the same health issues. The intent is to hold hospitals accountable for treating health problems during a patient’s first admission.

Spiritual help
This is in response to some of the Hotline comments about Jesus helping the poor. Jesus never helped the poor monetarily. He helped them spiritually. If you were lost, you became rich in spirit, not in money. Jesus never owned anything on this earth.

Those Republicans
All I know is, if those Republicans get in office, everything is going to be messed up. All you have to do is look back on history.

In response to the comment that someone said Mitt Romney acted like a bully in the second debate, the caller must have gotten their debates mixed up because the vice presidential debate is the one that had the bully and the bully was Joe Biden. He acted like a complete jerk. He represented his party’s emblem to a T. You know the Republican Party’s emblem is an elephant and the Democrat is a jackass. Romney and Ryan have acted like complete gentlemen anytime I have seen them and I have no doubt that is their genuine character, unlike the two we have in Washington now. Also, to the caller who criticized Mitt Romney’s religion, I have one question for you. Really? Are you serious? I would take Mitt Romney and his religion any day compared to the one that is in there now and his religion.

Keep it local
I’m concerned about the job situation at the Carroll County Courthouse. Why do we have people from out of state that have actually got a job here in Carroll County, when so many citizens in the Carroll area are unemployed? I hope the voters will remember anybody responsible for hiring people from Carolina to have a job here in Carroll County, that they would answer with a vote to let them know they are not welcome.

Influencing electors
While we Americans vote in November, the electors who vote in December decide the election. To make sure the electors vote for Barack Obama, George Soros and others have spent a great deal of money making sure the electors will vote for President Obama. Therefore, check your e-mails. Check your newspaper stories. Check the news on the Internet and you can verify exactly what I am saying.
Editor’s note: The electors who vote in the Electoral College (13 people, in Virginia’s case) usually are people who are highly politically active within their party, and may be party leaders or donors. It makes little sense that someone from another party could buy them off to vote for the nominee of a party with which they are not affiliated — if that’s what you are saying. You think this would happen without anyone noticing?

Debate overdose
I know why my article wasn’t put in the Hotline about the presidential debates, it appears that is the only thing y’all can get to put in the Hotline. That’s all we are reading about.
Editor’s note: Well, it appears that’s what’s on people’s minds. Things will change soon.

Public spectacle
As a retired police officer, I was sad to see Officer Fox’s funeral turned into a public spectacle with taxpayer-paid personnel and over 100 government vehicles plus a helicopter. You can say whatever you want to justify it, but it simply amounts to abuse of authority and power and a failure of taxpayer and public trust. Officer Fox deserves a respectable funeral service. I extend condolences to his family, co-workers and friends. May he rest in peace.

Political poetry
This is for the folks voting for Obama. When this country goes down the tubes, don’t go running to your mama. His job as president has been a joke. He’s killing us working class, we are all going broke. I really don’t care about his religion. I’m not Republican or Democrat. I certainly don’t care if he is white or black, I’d just like to have my country back. Health insurance has gone crazy, My premiums are out the roof. And, if Obama was really born in America, where’s our proof? I see patients without a Social Security number, reaping benefits of our tax dollar-supported Medicaid. Who helps our senior citizens? Not Obama. He’s not making the grade. With Obama as president, the last four years have been a curse. My vote is going to Romney. Anyone is an improvement, it can’t get worse. We can’t leave Obama in office, so cast Romney your vote. America is drowning, and Obama is going to force us to jump off the boat. America, open your eyes; I hope you see what I see. Many people have died, trying to keep our country free. Our jobs are gone, our homes are lost. Do you really want to leave Obama in office, no matter what the cost?

Not real emergencies
In the past, my work had me living in areas that were much more populated and never did I hear sirens as much as we do around here. We wake up to sirens and we go to bed with them. Once I came home in the early morning hours and met an emergency vehicle. We were the only vehicles on the road yet the siren was blaring while the vehicle was going slower than the speed limit. One day at a traffic light, a police vehicle went through, siren blaring, barely missing some oncoming vehicles. The vehicle then turned and went down the same street I was going. A vehicle had slipped off the street into the ditch and needed to be pulled out. This was not a situation requiring dangerous driving to respond to. I’m surprised I don’t see more stories in The Gazette about all these emergencies. [Police administrators] need to review non-emergency responses before an unfortunate incident occurs from the public getting too accustomed to hearing sirens like the old story about the little boy that cried wolf too often.

Spider repellent
To the church youth group at the Lord’s Acre Sale, you were selling something that was green and round that gets rid of spiders and I think they really do work. I would like to know what they are called and if you have any more for sale, how could I get them?

One-time switch
I have been a Democrat all my life. I voted for Obama. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I believe if you fall in love with your soul mate and that soul mate happens to be the same sex, that is your business. My beliefs are based on personal choices. It is your right to choose. But, I believe this election goes much deeper. I’m so concerned with the current state of our nation that these issues take a backseat. Gas prices are through the roof, unemployment too. Our nation is trillions of dollars in debt. Our grandchildren will be repaying China for years to come. I have studied both candidates and Romney is the businessman who will pull us out of this terrible economic bind. You must look at his past successes to understand this. I plan to vote Romney and then I plan to go right back to my Democratic roots after this election. And that rumble you just felt was my grandpa rolling over in his grave.

Wants details
I really wish some well-informed individual would inform us by writing a letter to the editor and explaining what the $28,000 grant is going to be spent for at the Independence Farmer’s Market. And, $28,000 is a small amount of money to some people, but it is a large amount to others. I don’t think it should be spent for a group of nice, well-intentioned individuals who actually go to Independence on Friday mornings, sit on the bed of their pickup trucks and visit and sing the praises of organic farming. Organic is not that much better than what you can get at Walmart. If you wash your groceries from Walmart and cook them properly, there is not much difference.

Congratulations to the Carroll County eighth grade Cavaliers football team. They had an undefeated season. Thanks to Coach Nester and coaches Frazier and Beamer.

Really pay attention
I agree with “educate yourself.” However, they failed to mention us people who are considered middle class but closer to the poor than the $100,000-$250,000 income people will be paying more for insurance and we can’t afford it because our employer doesn’t offer it. We will be fined even if we work, pay taxes, have good credit and pay our bills, even though our tax contribution pays for all elected officials’ healthcare. I have contacted everyone I can think of to ask what is in place to help me get insurance at an affordable rate when I am in that $40,000-$60,000 bracket for my household and have pre-existing conditions and can’t afford $400-$800 a month. Not even the department of social services can answer that. Everyone should watch “2016, Obama’s America” documentary and really pay attention. I wonder how many Obama supporters would vote for Romney if he was half black.

Cheaper option
Seniors citizens, with this new Obama health plan, it would be cheaper for the government to pay for your funeral than to pay for your operation.

Change the route
I’m very disappointed in whoever organized the 5-kilometer run on Oct. 20. We have the New River Trail, also the track at Felts Park that could have been used for this event. The streets would not have been blocked off. There were family, friends and neighbors that could not attend a funeral because of this. Maybe next time, the organizers could keep our streets open and use our recreational park. This was just not right.
Editor’s note: The annual 5K run uses both the park and the trail. But to get from the park to the trail, runners must cross one section of U.S. 58 at the Galax trail access. There are alternate routes around that one spot that motorists could have used to reach their destination.

Yard sale thief
You were being watched. The day of the yard sale up at the gym building below Cliffview Church, I had a nice carry-on bag that was not for sale. It was not on the table with things that were for sale. I used it for weekend trips and also carried things to the yard sale in it. This lady had it on her arm carrying it around. My daughter saw her and told me. I thought she would come back to pay but she went to the last place on the left of her before she went out the door. She bought some things while there. I told the girl there that was my bag she had. She thought she would come back and pay me for it. Instead, she paid her for what she got and walked out. Other than us, the good Lord saw you get that back. I would love to have it back if you would please bring it or send it to the Cliffview Church.