Readers' Hotline 10/28/13

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Editor’s note:
Calls commenting on specific candidates for political office are not published in the Readers’ Hotline.

I keep seeing political advertisements on TV that this candidate or that candidate can’t be trusted. Everyone is saying, “how am I going to trust this one” and “how am I going to trust that one.” If they are looking for trust in a politician, then what corner of what obscure planet did they grow up on? If politicians were trustworthy, they would have a decent job. They wouldn’t have to be a politician.

Anytime, anywhere
I’m calling about the designated parent. Please don’t rely on churches to unlock doors to pray. Jesus loves every one of us and we can pray with him anytime, anywhere. We do not need an altar to pray at. It is good to have, but we can pray anywhere, anytime. I’d just like to say, Jesus wants a one-on-one relationship with us when we become his children and realize that we can pray on a mountaintop, down in a valley, at home or anywhere. Our country does need prayer. We need to pray for our country, our government and everybody else. Just answer God whenever he speaks in your heart. I say this out of love.

Counter view
Be careful whom you vote for. Some politicians say Republicans want to do away with Social Security and Medicare. That is false and whoever uses this as their platform is running on a falsehood. AEP can’t be blamed for the increase in electricity costs, either. Before he was elected, Obama said he was going after coal. He said you could own a coal plant but you wouldn’t be able to afford it. His war on coal is causing the high electricity rate. And, to the person worried about protecting their Social Security, the debt ceiling has nothing to do with Social Security. Social Security will be paid until it runs out.

Robbing yourself
A few days ago while our country was looking at defaulting on debt, and me not knowing exactly how that could affect my family, I withdrew money from my local banking institution. Never did I expect the reaction I received. The person looked at me and said, “Can I ask why?” I replied I would like to have some money available to make sure my family, my kids, my parents and my brothers and sisters are alright until the government can reach a decision. The person looked at me and said, “I don’t know if we have enough. We have payroll for ‘blank blank.” I was so shocked. How dare that person make that statement. I’ve banked with them for over 40 years. The person then said, “I will have to report this to the federal government.” Like that was supposed to scare me or intimidate me. I was prepared that I might have to go to another branch, but that was never mentioned. I returned the next day, after the deal was signed and deposited the money back in my account. Do people not understand how to be respectful and tactful? I felt like a common criminal, and for what? Robbing myself.
Editor’s note: You may have withdrawn an amount that required the bank employee to report it under the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970. From the website eHow Money: “Financial institutions are required to report cash withdrawals in excess of $10,000 to the Internal Revenue Service. Generally, your bank does not notify the IRS when you make a withdrawal of less than $10,000. However, if a bank employee suspects that you are structuring transactions to try to avoid IRS reporting requirements, then the employee must complete a report on your transactions regardless of the amount withdrawn.

Skirting the truth
I just got a Democratic flier in the mail and it is so removed from the truth it is scary. The truly sad part is, some and some too many will believe it.

Voted no
Voters should know that Rep. Morgan Griffith lined up with the Tea Party and voted “no” to re-open the government. Shows he really has put the best interest of his people at heart and the government’s at heart.

I have been used to watching the “Price is Right” on Channel 7, and every time they have a special report, you don’t get to see Price is Right. Then, they turn right around at 12 and show the same thing again.

Sign suggestion
I love all the church signs in Galax that put up Bible verses. This is wonderful. This is a form of ministry. There is one very large church that I so wish would put Bible verses on their sign in a location where lots of people travel by. And what a ministry that would be to others. We need God’s word because God is the only salvation for our country.

Times in contrast
I received a catalog in the mail yesterday and it had a T-shirt in it that I thought just fit America today. It said, “25 years ago we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Today we have Obama, no cash and no hope.” How true that is.

Accreditation question
My concern is the issue of school accreditation. My child attends Grayson Highlands School and at a PTO meeting the principal gave everyone paperwork showing that our school is behind not meeting state standards on Standards of Learning results, which are supposed to be a certain percent accredited. Grayson Highlands was below the SOL state pass rate percentage for spring 2013. Are we getting ready to lose our state accreditation?

Offer a choice
I wanted to “amen” the [call] on Coon Ridge about the water. They should leave the ones that have good wells alone if we don’t want to hook up to it and not have to pay a non-user fee. We are America, supposed to be land of the free, and we don’t even have a choice. Have to pay a non-user fee. It’s ridiculous.

County officials should petition the governor and state legislators to put a casino at Wildwood. It would give thousands of people permanent, good paying jobs. The other states have casinos and Wildwood is the perfect location.

Selling falsehoods
Got a flier in the mail [from an agency endorsing] a Democratic candidate. This must mean it endorses abortions, the war on coal, higher electric bills and a liberal view, for that is the Democratic party of today, which has been usurped by the far left liberals. Do pray the senior citizens are aware that Medicare and Social Security are federal issues, not state. Any person running for state office has nothing to do with these two programs. Also, the war on coal equals higher gas prices. Don’t be scared into voting for a party selling falsehoods. Learn the facts and go from there.

It’s America
The Coon Ridge people that called in about public water service coming through the area — if you have good wells and don’t want to sign up, they should leave you alone. We are on Rescue Road in Austinville and they brought it through there and we didn’t hook up and they are trying to make people pay for something they don’t even use. We should have a choice. Isn’t this America, land of the free?

Route closed
Whose bright idea was it was to shut down two blocks of U.S. 58 for the 5-kilometer run? Surely there was another route.

Perks for Congress
Will you tell me why Congress never chips away at its own entitlements and votes for raises for themselves? They hardly work at all. Most of them are lawyers and now lately, we have all kinds of doctors in Congress. Come on already. Most of us work all our lives and hope to live on what we paid in to for years. And, we can’t work anymore. No golden parachutes for us. Almost $200,000 in a pension each year. It’s really getting out of hand. All we hear anymore is “take away.” Most of them profit from conflict.
Editor’s note: Technically, Congress does not vote directly to approve itself an annual raise. From an August 2013 report by USA Today: “By law, Congress obtains an annual automatic pay adjustment, equivalent to the prior year’s average private sector wage change. However, the raise can’t be a higher percentage than for other federal employees. Congress can vote to delay or deny this raise and has done so five times since the last increase in 2009, most recently in January of this year. If each of those increases had gone into effect, congressional pay would today be 5.5 percent higher, still less than inflation.” There are a reported 20 physician members of the current 535 members of the two houses of Congress, or about 3.7 percent of the total makeup. The physicians include three U.S. Senators, 16 members of the House and a delegate representing the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Washington Post reported this year that there were 128 lawyers in the House and another 45 in the U.S. Senate — about 32 percent of the total makeup of Congress. The website USgovinfo reports that a congressperson’s pension depends on the years of service and the average of the highest three years of salary, currently set at $174,000 annually. By law, the starting amount of a member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80 percent of final salary.

Bring it back
I’m calling to complain about somebody borrowing my wheelbarrow and never returning it. If they had asked, I probably would have let them borrow it, but I don’t like them coming and getting it without asking. I need them to return my wheelbarrow. I need it sometimes. Not all the time, but when I need it, I want it and it is mine.
Editor’s note: Have you tried telling this to the borrower?