Readers' Hotline 10/26/11

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Fix potties first
The boys bathroom in Carroll County High School was broken for days. It is not the first time it has happened this year. Yet [administrators] don’t see fit in their renovation plans to include money to fix plumbing at the high school? I have news for the school board. There is more than some pipes broken in the county. Your plan for renovation is broken. It is time that you scrap it before you do any more damage. Fix the things that really need to be fixed and work on something that makes sense for a change instead of working on personal agendas and glass fronts for buildings. A toilet to use the bathroom in is a whole lot more important than a glass front in the new principal’s office.

Comparing neighborhoods
This is in response to “ruining the neighborhood.” I live on Tabernacle Road in Fries. Try living with neighbors whose dog tears out garbage and they don’t bother to pick it up and it is constantly blowing around everywhere. Lots and lots of stray cats everywhere and a neighbor that has five or 10 dogs in her front yard tied up that bark constantly and they don’t bother to do anything about it, with no regard for anyone. If you think your area is bad in Fries, come to Tabernacle. I think it is worse.

Ask around
I am a senior citizen and this Herman Cain who is leading now, I saw where he plans to abolish Social Security and Medicare and said if you need help and you are a senior citizen, you can ask your church or knock on your neighbors’ door and see if they will help you. That doesn’t sound too good to me.

Trashy folks
I just want to say a big thank you to Robbie Lacombe. He is the one-man cleaning up illegal dumping off Iron Ridge Road. We need more people like him. We have the same problem on Lambsburg Road. Every once in a while, my husband and I will go down there and pick up what we can and haul it off. I know we are not the only ones. There is an illegal dump right there in the middle of Lambsburg Road, right on that beautiful area with the stream falling down. If you look close enough you will find tires and all kinds of garbage. People that litter and dump trash are trashy people.

Changing time
I was always wondering what idiot came up with this idea of changing the time — fall back and spring up. It takes a pure out idiot to change the time like that. I wish they would just leave the time one way or the other.

Ready to pollute
I sure hope they do get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency. We can start burning all those big tires. We can start running the sewers out of our houses back in the creeks. We can throw our dead animals in the rivers and creeks and throw our trash over the bank. There is a whole bunch we can save money on and I will be glad when we do get rid of the EPA. Rep. Griffith, I hope he gets it done.

No preview
Just calling to see if Grayson played [two weeks ago]. I was looking in the paper and didn’t see a [preview] about Grayson County football. I don’t think that is a very good job if you don’t have a thing in there about their game.
Editor’s note: The coach was unavailable for comment at the usual time at mid-week that week because he was with a player who was having surgery.

U.S. meddling again
Thousands of young men and women have been killed fighting in countries where we have no business being in. Here we go again. The president has now sent troops to Africa. He is doing nothing here to improve our economy. All he is doing is spending, spending, spending. I don’t think he would have sent these men and women in harm’s way if he had kids old enough to be in the service.

Mrs. Holloway from Fairview School, wherever you are, we miss you. We hope you enjoy your retirement.

The traffic control during the running event in Galax on a recent Saturday morning was ridiculous. Everyone was being sent out South Main Street to the truck route and traffic was backed up from Macado’s all the way to Horton’s Supermarket. You couldn’t get to the post office, CVS or anywhere you needed to go. This needs to be changed next year.

Take action
The Republican leadership made a disastrous decision to do nothing about the struggling economy resulting in our current stalled recovery. They are blaming President Obama and hoping to make him a one-term president. This will backfire and result in suffering for Americans of all parties leading to their resounding defeat in 2012. In 2008, candidate Obama repeatedly said, “this election is not about me, it is about you.” We have the power to get the Republican Congress members working for us again by sending them a message. Inform your representatives to vote for President Obama’s bipartisan jobs bill. Re-elect President Obama and elect more Democrats to Congress. President Obama can do little by himself. He needs us.

Who stood up?
All the taxpaying citizens that attended the tax meeting held earlier this year at the old Grayson County courthouse should remember what we were told. County administrator said because of the school system, taxes had to be raised so high. How many of the school board members stood up and said we needed to wait to build a new school with the economy in such bad shape?

Moving on
I’m calling in response to “fast driving.” I can’t understand why Grayson County hasn’t done something about the buses that drive fast over in the Fries area. I’ve been run off the road and I know they are running more than 55 mph. We have school kids on those buses.

Nothing’s missing
I would like to know why you all have not put Jeff Evans’ interview for running for state senate in the paper? You have put Reynold's and Stanley’s but you have not for Jeff Evans. That is just showing favoritism.
Editor’s note: The Gazette has published items about candidacy announcements for all three candidates, and about nominations for the two affiliated with political parties, but has published no “interviews” from any. A story about this state senate race will be published prior to the Nov. 8 election.

Protect the schoolyard
According to the principal at Fries School, there is not enough parking. Before school was out last year, the grass was high. When school started this year, the grass was high. With a new school, the appearance means something to the people of Fries as it has in years past. Years ago you did not even walk on the grass. Previous teachers had no problem parking in the town lot, which is never one-fourth full. Now there is a lot behind the school with empty spaces. The superintendent should visit both lots and see that there are between 50 to 60 spaces — plenty enough for seven grades. If not, there are too many aides and re-hired retirement people the taxpayers are paying. Space is not the problem. The problem is that [staff doesn’t park in the lot]. There is not much schoolyard left and I hope the superintendent protects it. Would you let them use your yard for a parking lot?

Can't smoke
I’m calling about the no smoking for the new store in Independence. Does the idgit that wasted your time saying the new store should have no smoking not know that it is against the law to smoke in stores anywhere?

Using the system
I agree with the person that said they need to check on food stamp usage through social services. I know of a woman that’s getting food stamps. She gets a check for $500 and some for her daughter that not one penny goes on her daughter. She spends it all on herself. Her boyfriend has been living with her for a long time and he works and brings in good money. That’s fraud and something ought to be done because it is not right to the people out here that really do need it and these others that just throw it away doing drugs and buying anything they want and not spending a penny of it on the little girl for school or nothing else.
Editor’s note: You might be more effective if you would report specific details to social services.
Not the time
Someone please help me to understand: why do the shrubbery and tree trimmers that cut the trees in the median and shrubs along the sidewalk on the four-lane trim and cut when the trees and shrubs are in bloom? If you don’t know when or how, call or contact the Garden Club of Galax. I’m sure the members could educate you.

Fraud going on
Yes sir, you are right. There is welfare fraud going on in the Carroll County and Galax area and I think they should be investigated and checked out thoroughly before receiving any assistance from the government.

Translation available
In reference to the Galax Police Department to create a Hispanic outreach, I have tried to contact the department in reference to me translating for the police department. I speak fluent Spanish. I am Hispanic. I am willing to basically translate for the police department until they can find an officer. [They know] who I am.

Why not?
I would like to know why the Rooftop agency is not having their haunted house this year in Galax. They have all the costumes and decorations from all the other years and they have already said how much profit they make on it. Considering all they have going on, it doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t have it this year.

Holding it all day?
I want to know why somebody can’t fix the boys bathroom at Carroll County High School. They’ve got them roped off with duct tape and caution tape and the boys have no place to go to the bathroom. I bet those men principals have a nice place to go. When the bathrooms are working they stink to high heaven. What is the health department for? Does nobody check that? If they can’t have the plumbing working, why don’t they close school until they can fix it?

Denying past offenders
Everybody needs a second chance at times. However, I don’t think the system is set up right. A sex offender of children can get everything there is from social services. And I understand probably many of them have mental illnesses too or they wouldn’t do such things like that, but if they can get it why can’t the people that went to jail for drugs? It plainly asks on there, have you been convicted of drug charges. I don’t think it is right. If one can get it, they should all be able to get it if there is going to be any to get. I don’t think sex offenders should get it at all.

Long potty break
If those teachers at Carroll County High School count my son tardy if he is late from the bathroom when they don’t have any bathrooms open for him to go to, I can tell you right now, I’ll be down there.

No relief in sight
All these people that are camping out in Wall Street protesting the people in Washington — I have just one question. They have been camping out there for a couple weeks now. Where are these people relieving themselves? Where is the bathroom? They’ve got to be unloading somewhere, and on the news I didn’t see any port-a-potties around there. I know one thing, if I was on Wall Street, I wouldn’t want to walk through one of the alleys.
Editor's note: We don't know, but apparently they aren't using facilities at Carroll County High School.

Needs expertise
It appears the Rooftop of Virginia needs an accountant, an attorney or a police officer on its board of directors, not another Carroll County supervisor.

Road needs marking
How about painting some lines on Virginia 89 for when it is raining, dark, foggy, can’t see anything. Trucks all over the place. Everybody passing when they don’t need to be passing. Come on, give us some lines on 89.

No show
I’d just like to know if there is going to be a Taste of Home Cooking Show this year. I don’t know if I have missed it or not.
Editor’s note: No show is scheduled this year, because the presenter raised its price so high that ticket prices would have been prohibitive.

Back the fire department
Great fire prevention parade in Independence. No political candidates included, which was refreshing. Thanks, guys, for all you do for the area. We appreciate you all. Citizens, remember to send your donations so the fire department can continue its important work.

Who’s the boss?
Last Tuesday, there was a Carroll County Board of Supervisors meeting at 3 p.m. Why are the meetings at 3, when most citizens are unable to attend? Why don’t they have these once a month meetings on a Saturday to ensure more citizens have an opportunity to be heard? We are supposed to be in charge of them, not them in charge of us and our property that we own and pay mortgages and taxes on. If they can’t work for us, we need to vote for people who will.

Get a thick skin
In response to “playing with class,” coaches yell at these kids and push them [to develop]. They don’t yell at them to humiliate them. Parents are free to come and help coach at any time. All they have to do is sign up for it at the rec center. If they can do a better job and don’t want to hear their kids get yelled at, maybe they need to coach rather than sit on the sidelines and cry to the director of the rec center and say, “well, my kid is not getting to play and he is yelling…” Because, when they get to the high school level, they will be yelled at.

Asphalt deficit
I want to tell you about the streets in Galax. If anybody can find a street that doesn’t have a hole in it or one of those square things they never do fill back up, I will give them a white crow. Beats all I have ever seen. It jars you out of the car. All the streets are the same way.
Editor’s note: Check out Hospital Drive and Country Club Drive, two high-traffic streets that are newly paved.