Readers' Hotline 10/21/13

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Regulate burning
I am calling about Robinhood Road. I have neighbors that constantly burn. It would be nice if the city would have some type of ordinance against this type of burning. Some of us that have asthma try to get out and walk and enjoy these great fall days. Yet, these people burn for some unknown reason and pollute the air. It is very difficult for us older people to get out and enjoy our decks and walking because of this constant burning — every single day. I wish the city would do something about that.

Public works advice
One little thought to the City of Galax. I would like to see them buy a packer machine, so when they dig a water line up across the street or fix a drainage line — or anywhere they dig the street up, when they put it back, they could pack the dirt so the asphalt won’t sink. We don’t have potholes much in this town. We have sinkholes. Every time they dig a ditch across the street, it sinks further. Lafayette Street is one good example. All the way from the stoplight at Oldtown to U.S. 58. It would be good if they would invest in that. It would save a lot of re-doing. One other item. On West Stuart Drive, where the four-lane begins above The Gazette office, it would be nice if they would shovel all the grass and dirt and stuff that has accumulated next to the curb on the westbound side so you can see. There is supposed to be yellow paint to indicate where the cement is. You can’t see it. You can feel it if you get over there too far, but it would be good if they would remove everything from the curbs and have it painted so you can see it. It would look good to have that slab of concrete on both sides of that light looking like Center Street does up there.

Don’t endorse
I’m glad our current treasurer, Mr. Young, made clear about customer service and payment plans. Good to know that’s the way it has always been. I don’t think the current treasurer should tell us who to vote for. It reminds me of a certain [woman] in Galax who always writes in and tells us who she is voting for and for us to follow suit. Just get out and vote.

Irritated parent
It’s pretty sad the Carroll County Recreation Department can expect people to spend almost $200 for T-shirts for team sponsorship and then the team only gets to play two games. They do not reschedule games that are missed. Besides that, they only had two teams to begin with because they cut off the signup deadline before school started. Schedules weren’t even handed out to some parents. They need some guidance on scheduling and getting coaches that know about the sport, not just a “body” to play the part of a coach.

Veterans’ benefits
That no-count sorry bunch of people we’ve got up there in Washington, D.C., now, are working against the veterans. They won’t even pay the death benefits to the people and I’ve never seen such a sorry bunch in my whole life, and I am 72 years old.
Editor’s note: The benefits were restored by Congressional action on Oct. 11.

Live within your means
I’m calling to say hurray for Congress. I am glad this government shut down. It needs to last until wasteful spending stops. I am on a small Social Security check, but I will be okay because I know you don’t pay your way out of debt borrowing. You live within your budget. If they will cut out all the free stuff and the deadbeats, get them off, the bills will be paid.