Readers' Hotline 10/19/11

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Potato woes
I was at a supermarket and went in to get a bag of potatoes and they were $4 a bag. They were full of gnats. You couldn’t walk through where the produce is at for the gnats. It is a shame to charge people $4 or $5 for a 10-pound bag of potatoes. You bring them home and they are half-rotten. These are hard times now. I wouldn’t mind paying that much if I got a good bag of potatoes. But very seldom do I get a good bag.

Be parent-friendly
It’s great that Gladeville Elementary School has so many opportunities for parents to come to the schools. I live in Galax and Galax Elementary School just does not offer those opportunities for parents to come to the school, meet with administration and talk. I really wish other school systems would become more parent-friendly and invite parent input. I wish the city school administration would be more parent-friendly. Parents are taxpayers. It’s our kids that go to your school. It would be great if we felt more welcome in the schools and our administrators would talk to people and invite ideas or even hear the great compliments we have. Thanks, Gladeville Elementary. You’ve got a good thing going.

Tongue in cheek
This comment is for the caller of “not a good thing” who didn’t even know what president was in office what year. Anyway, don’t worry about this nation going down the toilet because of Mr. Bush, because the great wonderful Obama is going to make everything perfect again and we won’t have to worry about it anymore. He has done such a great job this last four years. He will just bring us to heaven on earth and I won’t be surprised if you will be able to start drawing Social Security when you are 18, now that they can cut back on welfare.

Evil abounds
Folks who really care about their dogs — family pets or hunting dogs — need to be aware that there are men stealing them right out of people’s yards, even when people are at home. Both a van and pickup truck have been used and seen by owners in Grayson County. What they are doing with them can’t be good. Only alert citizens notifying the sheriff can get this stopped. Evil abounds everywhere, it seems, and these men are just that.

Driveway destroyed
I guess your property does go down in value when your yard and driveway are all destroyed. I think people should be reimbursed for this mess they have caused. It’s not right.

Nobody’s home
I’d like to know what is going on up at social services in Independence. When you call and try to talk to someone, well, they aren’t working today. You can leave them a voicemail — only when you get their machine, the message says there are working hours when the place isn’t even open. But when it is open, they aren’t there. What kind of business works people when the place is closed, but they don’t work when it is supposed to be open?
Editor’s note: Could it be that you called the office on a weekday holiday, such as Columbus Day on Oct. 10?

Play with class
I am normally not a fan of the Hotline but I do realize it draws attention. Therefore, I will utilize it to comment on what I observed at a sandlot football game. Coaches were screaming at kids, hurling insults, humiliating and embarrassing these children. There is a far superior way to encourage and train them with positive reinforcement that results in the same end-effect. These same coaches chose to play the game in a less than sportsmanlike fashion. I hope they realized that coaching these boys is much more than about the final score. Hopefully they are guiding them to be good decision makers and display integrity and character throughout participation in sports. If these teams think that only a few parents gather to watch their kids, they are sadly mistaken. An entire community is aware of what takes place on these fields. Yes, you should want your team to exhibit a competitive drive and a will to win, but please try doing it by displaying some class, even if you have to fake it.

No smoking
The new store in Independence looks really, really nice. I just hope the new owner has enough sense to make it smoke-free so everyone can enjoy it.

Thanks for the tip
My brother, who lives up north, told me he had some friends who had always heard of the molasses around here and at Whitetop. I told him I would try to get him some to give to his friends. I searched every booth at the Lord’s Acre Sale and only found one that had molasses. Needless to say, I bought two jars. After reading last week’s Hotline, I opened both jars and also found Karo syrup. I want to thank the person who called that in or I would have been sending Karo syrup to New York City. Thanks again for the tip off.

Student recognized
This is from a grinning grandpa. I have to thank from the bottom of my heart the encouragement the students receive through recognition. I have a grandson eight years old and in the third grade at Gladeville School. Because of his grade status and other efforts, he was able to have dinner with the principal as a token of her gratitude. This is very meaningful to him. He realizes how and why this happened. He would like to repeat this experience.

Too skinny?
I think it is a crying shame when a family has to have their dog put down just because someone else thinks she is too skinny. Yes, she was old. Yes, she was skinny. Yes, she had arthritis, but she could still eat, drink, took walks on her own and was even under the care of a veterinarian. Maybe when you get old and skinny and have arthritis but can still get around and can still see the doctor, maybe somebody will have pity on you and put you down.

Pay it forward
I would like to thank the kind lady with the ponytail, not only for paying for my drink at McDonald’s but for restoring my faith in kindness and the good human spirit. I will do the same for someone else.

Got your number
This is a warning for the Grand Am that turned around in my driveway on Oct. 12 at 5:30 p.m. and threw rocks everywhere. Because of the traffic, you sit there long enough for me to get your plate number. The next time, I will call the sheriff.