Readers' Hotline 10/17/12

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Editor’s note: A reminder that comments made about the election and candidates should be substantiated or the calls are subject to being deleted.

Has the skill
Today, while cleaning out a filing cabinet, I found a receipt for a gasoline purchase dated Dec. 8, 2008. Price per gallon was $1.49. This was during the last weeks of the George W. Bush administration. On Oct. 5 I paid $3.57 per gallon. Obama and his crowd try to tell us the economy is improving despite the rising cost of food, clothing and especially prescription medicine. Fellow citizens, think carefully about whom you cast your presidential vote for. Can you really afford four more years of an Obama administration? Join me. I plan to make my vote for Mitt Romney. He has the skill to improve the economy.

Not happeing
Surely the second comment to the Hotline last Monday was meant to be a joke. To the person expressing how much better off they are in the past four years, where does he get this cheap healthcare and cheaper drugs? Sounds like you have had a few too many drugs already. Oh yeah, and when did the war end? They are still getting killed over there all the time and those five million jobs they are talking about lead me to believe this call had to come from China because nothing like that is happening here.

Late payments
Want to know something funny? The higher our power bills go, the later the bills are paid and the more interest they charge on the bill. So, the American people don’t have a chance.

Critic of AARP
If you listen to the AM radio station in Galax, you have heard a bunch of lies from AARP praising Obama. Why does AARP support Obama? Yes, there was a big article in AARP bulletin comparing Obama and Romney. But, in small print at the top of the article it says “non-partisan, non-profit organization. AARP neither endorses nor contributes to political candidates.” AARP does not represent our seniors.

Not true?
Romney sure did act like a bully — the ones you go to school with and out on the street while growing up — at the [debate] the other night. After checking the facts the next day, the fact checker found out that nearly maybe almost 75-90 percent — the majority, in other words — of everything he told that night was not true. That’s a shame. The people deserve better than that. He keeps saying it is what the American people want. It is not. We don’t want to be living out on the street or under a bridge.
Editor’s note: The “fact check” reports we reviewed by ABC and CBS, for example, took issue with a number of statements by both candidates in the first debate, as is typical. We have seen nothing to substantiate that a certain percentage by either candidate was not true.

Look in the mirror
To the woman patron and cashier who were talking in Wal-Mart, your cackling conversation about she’s looking like a monkey, was rude. You need to take a look in the mirror yourself. That was very rude for other customers to hear.

Know better
I am a service-connected disabled veteran and I do want to keep my benefits and I also do not want my Social Security privatized, so I am not going to vote a Republican ticket. I know better than to do that.
Editor’s note: Mr. Romney is not proposing privatization of Social Security. He has spoken in favor of the concept in past years, as a choice for younger workers to consider.

Hang ‘em high
These people that kidnap our children — I’m speaking of that case out in West Minster, Colo., that little girl that was kidnapped — they should be tried and killed the next day.

Two millionaires
This is in regard to “for the poor” in the Hotline last week. Mitt Romney gives 30 percent of his income to charity. As far as being a millionaire, Barack Obama is also a millionaire.

Government expansion
The brick house the Grayson County School transportation department uses has enough room for three more secretaries. So, lets get the full effect out of it or shut it down. You know, put secretaries to the secretaries in that house.

One is worse
How can we possibly vote for someone who says they are Christian yet they don’t care about veterans’ funding being cut when they come back home? That is not my way of belief. Also, the other side that is trying to be president, the religion they believe you go to hell for a while and if you do good, you can get back out. What kind of religion is that? I don’t get the gay marriage and stuff, but I think the other side is worse. I think Jesus wanted us to help the poor. That is what he always did.

Educate yourself
As I read the Hotline calls and the editorials concerning the election, I wonder if Obama supporters recently fell off the turnip truck. It is completely within your rights to support your candidate, but it should be done with realistic expectations and knowledge of how he has run this country. The low-income have become energized with the thought that this president is suddenly going to save the poor and give them great healthcare and insurance coverage. You already have insurance. It is called Medicaid. Your mentality of “the government owes me,” does not come with some miracle cure for your healthcare debacle. You believe Medicaid is going to suddenly have greater benefits. You currently can visit the doctor’s office or emergency room and you do not have to pay a co-pay. Insured people would love to be able to walk into the emergency department and not have to whip out their checkbook. You are given prescriptions that you take to the local pharmacy and you are handed your medicine free. Insured people are at the mercy of the pharmaceutical companies. Many times insured people have to call their doctor and tell them they need a different medication because even with the insurance, they can’t afford the co-pay of the medicine the doctor prescribed. Educate yourself. Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Those crazy Taliban over there now are killing little children because they want to go to school. I can’t wait until Jesus Christ comes back to this earth and wipes that Middle East off the map. All except Jerusalem.