Readers' Hotline 10/15/12

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Editor’s note: A reminder that comments made about the election and candidates should be substantiated or the calls are subject to being deleted.

As parent of a student in Grayson County, I would like to address the comment about the school bus drivers having the right to the freedom of speech being violated. Student information is confidential. It is not your right to go to all the local stores and talk about my minor child or anyone else’s child in public.

Please advise when the City of Galax is supposed to enforce the 32-ounce garbage cans. Isn’t it wrong to pick up some people’s and not others? They are supposed to pick up the cans not bags.
Editor’s note: That would be 32 gallons, of course (not ounces), and enforcement of the 32-gallon size is underway.

Vote and pray
I am wondering what planet the guy lives on who thinks everything is better after four years of Obama. My husband was out of work almost all of 2011 due to Obama policies. It will take us at least two years to catch up while still battling the rising costs of living. As a Christian and proud American, I say we are headed in the wrong direction. America not only has a political problem, it has a spiritual problem. I would ask that all people pray and then vote.

Won’t count
I’m not sure where people are getting their information on how Obama is a Christian because Mr. Obama himself stated his religion was, “there is more than one way to Heaven” and I know that is not Christianity. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh under the father but by me.” There are many paths to the same place, which is what Obama said. It has been said Obama is the savior. That statement makes me sick. There is only one savior, Jesus Christ. The options of Obama and Romney sometimes feel like there is no great choice but Romney is for Israel and Obama has repeatedly shunned the leader of Israel. So, I will be casting my vote against Obama. Last election I voted independent because I didn’t feel great about either choice. But, those votes don’t count because there are never enough to overtake the Democrat or Republican. So, don’t vote for what won’t count. Vote for America being a nation — morals and values and standing for Israel. If we are against Israel, this nation will go to hell in a hand basket.

What to grind
This is a comment about the story on making molasses. You don’t grind sorghum, you grind cane. You cut the cane, top it and strip it and then you grind the cane to make sorghums or molasses.

We will see
We have had our first presidential debate now and will watch and see if Mitt Romney keeps his word what he said, that the day after he was elected, he would sit down and start talking and working with the people and the congressmen. Let’s see if he does that or if he will go on a vacation.

Not better off
In response to “better off,” it makes me happy that someone is better off than they were four years ago. Not many can say that. Am I better off? The answer is a most definite no. My federal taxes are lower because I received less pay. My retirement account is gone. I used it to maintain my house, and my home is of less value today than it was four years ago. My healthcare premiums rise each year. From what I hear about ObamaCare, premiums will continue to rise. Then, when the premiums are so high I can’t afford to pay them, I will be fined. ObamaCare is the start of the federal government taking control of every aspect of our lives. I can no longer pay real estate taxes on time because the price of necessary items needed for my family for day to day living are higher. My food bill is almost double four years ago. The price of heating fuel is so high that I can no longer use oil. Gasoline prices have more than doubled. Of the five million jobs added, per Obama’s numbers, check the wages those jobs pay. Also, if Obama is doing so great, why are 45 million people still out of work?

People will answer
People were wondering what was wrong with Obama [in the first debate]. I am independent – neither Republican nor Democrat. I vote for the right person. I know exactly what was wrong with him. He has been hurt so much by all the other side putting all kinds of stuff like making a witchdoctor and putting all kinds of ugly faces and comments for his daughters to look at and see on TV and I think he was so hurt from all that and who wouldn’t be? God does not like stuff like this. People will answer for treating people like this. I don’t care who it is.

Racial fear
In all the years since I could vote, I voted for both Republicans and Democrats and a couple of write-ins. I later regretted some of those votes. There have been presidents I didn’t like for how they acted, but I am an American patriot citizen that believes in democracy. I have to respect the office of president. Way too many people act like it is their duty to disrespect the president because their political party lost the election. I have never seen the like. Is it because Barak Obama is only half white? Is it because his black father was a real African man? How much does racial fear and hatred have to do with the terrible state of the union we are in right now?

To all who plan on voting for Romney, it is pretty evident that God has already stuck his finger in both your eyes.

Be aware
Consumers should be aware. Always check for a license or qualified tradesman. Electrical work needs to be done by a licensed electrician, not just by anyone.

Do both
About taking care of kids and dogs, why can’t we do both at one time? You know we are capable of doing things. We don’t have to just do one thing at a time. And, if you mistreat a dog, I wouldn’t trust you to babysit my kid.

The lower class
As far as elections, Republicans and Democrats talk about the millionaires and middle class. But what about the lower class? Those who are a day or two late on the house payment, struggling to get groceries. I am so sick of this presidential election. It is unreal to have to vote for either one of them. I’m probably going to waste my vote for Goode. I know he is independent and hasn’t even got enough money to campaign.

Don’t be surprised
All the people in Virginia that want that Republican in office, don’t say a word when they get their Social Security cut and their veteran benefits cut. It will be their own fault.
Editor’s note: The Republican nominee for president is proposing no cuts to either. If he did, it would require action by Congress to bring about such changes. Please substantiate your claims.

Grow up
I have worked for Grayson County Schools for 13 years. I have known the transportation supervisor for years. He has a job to do. If you try, he will bend over backwards to help his workers. I get so tired of hearing the five out of 75 people complain that don’t like him. Why don’t you grow up and get you a biscuit from Aunt Bea’s when we have the next school bus meeting and be thankful for a job.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter.

Galax Maroon Tide football team and the coaches did a very good job against Fort Chiswell. We need a rematch and we need some new referees.