Readers' Hotline 10/14/13

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Just a thought about the 800,000 non-essential employees that were sent home when the government shut down. If you are saying each one of them worked 8 hours a day, it would be 64 million hours. Times that by just $7 an hour — not even minimum wage — and you get $44,800,000. I wonder where that money is going to go. Is it going to reduce the deficit? That is just for one day, too. And, if it is non-essential, why are there 800,000 non-essential employees?

Seal of approval
How blessed we are in Carroll County to have any politician appear in the Christian Fun Day parade. Jesus chose Matthew, a tax collector, as one of his disciples. Therefore, I think Jesus approved. We need more active Christian politicians in government now.

What good is it?
Would someone please tell me what good it serves to have a picture of someone printed in the newspaper that has been charged with a crime. These people are innocent. You might as well publish pictures of people who have never been charged because we are all innocent. If someone has been found guilty in a court of law, then yes, plaster their picture on the front page if you want to. But, until then, I just see no reason except maybe to sell newspapers.
Editor’s note: This has been thoroughly debated now for weeks. No more calls about this subject.

Designated prayer
This is just a suggestion. I’m sure churches are already doing it. Maybe at certain times of the day, have someone there to unlock the door and pray for our government, pray for America, pray for our veterans and senior citizen checks and everything else that should be. We pray they reach a decision and quit trying to scare America and they are acting like babies — all of them. God does answer prayers and we know that.

Regarding the call “move on.” Sheila South had a valid opinion and a right to express it [to Hillsville Town Council]. I agree with her. Mayor Crowder didn’t set a good example. How dare you assume her statements revolved around her husband? As an aside, and since you brought her husband’s name up, did her husband not have a right to quit his job as town manager? It is also presumptuous of you to say he could have been fired. Sheila South is concerned about the town. You, on the other hand, appear from your statements to be nursing personal issues. Why else bring up Mr. South?

Treated well
I would like to thank Cathy at Walmart for being such an excellent cashier. She is the example of what a good cashier should be. She is courteous, pleasant, personable, efficient and always makes eye contact with her customers. Very friendly. I think she needs to be commended.

Politics aside
Regarding the call “self promotion,” you must have missed the one politician at the Christian Family Fun Day in Hillsville who did not politic, nor did he bring any political signs and put them up. He spoke, but it was not political. He did donate his own money to the event, which helped to make it happen. He also got another person to donate. This event wasn’t in his back yard. I also like the fact that he is a Christian. This man has my vote.

Against incumbents
I was not surprised when a council member said he stood behind his vote on speed limits. As a lifelong citizen of Galax, I have watched Wytheville get a college, Dublin get Volvo and while our council debates on tourism, Wytheville also gets a Pepsi and Gatorade plant. City council has never stood behind its citizens, so why should they now? I have always voted against incumbents for city council, but what good has that done? Well, they did remove the parking meters.
Editor’s note: Wytheville Community College is 50 years old and Volvo opened at Dublin about 40 years ago. You can’t hold any Galax incumbents responsible for those developments. However, several of the current council members were involved in WCC bringing a branch of the college to Galax at The Crossroads Institute, and have been involved in several industries locating in the city. Wytheville’s success with landing large industries likely has as much to do with its location at the intersection of two major interstates, I-77 and I-81, as it does the efforts of that town’s elected officials.

Voters at fault
OK, so they shut the government down again, not that it really worked anyway. But, everybody is looking to blame somebody. Republicans blame democrats. Democrats blame Republicans and the tea party and on and on it goes. Nobody accepts responsibility. And nobody listens to taxpayers who carry the brunt of funding all this. Honestly, the only ones to blame are the voters. We voted these rascals into office. Ultimately, we are responsible for this mess because we don’t put creditable people in office and we re-elect folks that have no allegiance to this country.

Beautiful banners
Kudos to Independence Town Council for the beautiful fall banners displayed throughout the town. They are a true asset. Good job.