Readers' Hotline 10/12/11

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Who showed up?
Woodlawn School community, on Oct. 1, there was a wonderful crowd present to dedicate a roadside flag [marker] listing many national, state and local accomplishments of the school. I would like to thank the 100-plus people that showed up. Unfortunately no supervisor, school board member or central office personnel showed up. The only elected person to show up was clerk of the court.
Editor’s note: One addition — the family of Reginald Gardner, current Carroll County School Board member for Sulphur Springs, was well represented at the unveiling of the historic marker at Woodlawn School though Gardner himself had a conflict. Gardner is the son of Emmett Gardner, one of the teachers from Woodlawn who was recognized at the event.

Real rivalry
I am looking so forward to the Galax/Grayson football game coming up on Nov. 4. Looks like both teams will be undefeated and it is going to be a good matchup. Can’t wait to see that game.

Don’t waste the money
I read how the school system is trying to find a way to spend $15 million and their primary objective on both the buildings they are working on is new offices for the principals and entrances. I’ve got news for them. No room for a principal to sit in and no entrance have ever educated a child. It takes good teachers in the classroom to teach children how to read and write. Obviously the school board and the rest of the people that run Carroll County aren’t listening to what folks are saying. People will tell you one thing clearly: stop it. We do not want our money wasted, especially on junk. It is time you people listen.

Try shredding
I have a comment to the “It’s still buzzing” caller who has a problem with yellow jackets in the ground. I have a solution. I’ve been using it for years. It is better than gasoline that evaporates and fire that eventually goes out. Just take your riding lawn mower or push mower. Fire it up. Push it over top of the hole and let it run until the gasoline runs out and the motor stops. Works every time. Funny, too. The vibration of the motor will drive them crazy and lure them out and they will get shredded. I hope this helps somebody.
Editor’s note: It’s worth a try, and sounds less harmful than setting your lawn on fire.
Not so fun
Remember when football used to be fun? I sure do. It sure was 20 years ago when I played. I watched a coaching staff rip a victory away from our kids and then berate them on the sidelines for every little thing they did. One of our up-men on the kickoff snagged an onside kick out of the air, made an excellent play only to come back and be fussed at for catching it. I’m pretty sure from where I was sitting I could hear them telling him to just let it go even though he gained us probably 20 yards.

Miles to go
I am calling about the moonshine article in the Sept. 19 paper. I would like to have the maker’s finished product. Twenty-eight quarts and 18 gallons of pure ethanol alcohol. That much ethyl alcohol would propel my automobile many miles down the road. I thought making your own gasoline was legal. Do you have any answers or opinion about this?
Cater to your customers
The stores around here want you to shop there. No wonder people go out of town … because this place isn’t worth it — stores are never open. If you have one day off from work and want to go shopping, they are not open on Mondays. They don’t open until 10 or 11. People have schedules. They need to shop when they can. Stores are not open, so how are you supposed to shop? Open on time and open at decent hours so people can shop.

Start over
A comment for the regional animal shelter that was shut down [temporarily for distemper virus]. I adopted a dog once that had parvo and had to have him put down. It was very sad. I think they need to open a whole new animal shelter.
I read with dismay the reader’s comments about Tea Party members being put in jail. I’m not a Tea Party member myself; however, this person needs to read the Bill of Rights to the Constitution to see that we are guaranteed freedom of speech. If we thought like that person did about the Tea Party and jail, we would all still be sipping tea at 4 o’clock and spending English pounds instead of American dollars.