Readers' Hotline 10/1/12

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In comparison
I agree with “so attractive.” I like to go to Walmart and let my husband sit on the bench while shopping. He is real old and I am, too. But, every time we leave Walmart he always gives me a compliment and tells me not to feel bad about myself, because other people really don’t look that good.

Not so good
Recent call-ins have expressed what a good thing ObamaCare is. I recall hearing Obama say we could expect lower premiums, better service noted on the “donut hole” on Medicare Part D for 2013. This is the truth about what it has done for me. I received my annual notice of change for 2013 on my Medicare Part D from Connecticut Life this week and find these changes for 2013:  monthly premium increased 14.6 percent; cost for tier 2 drugs, which includes most drugs I take, increased by 100 percent. Tier 3 and 4 drugs increased $4 and $5, respectively. The donut hole stays in place at $29.70, meaning I will start paying the full cost of drugs as early as May 2013. The older citizens of this great nation just got shafted again. Thanks, Obama. The AARP, the Supreme Court, Harry Reid and everyone else that voted in ObamaCare. You are so, so, good to us.

Thanks to the city for painting the lines on Cliffview Road. They are very much needed and we appreciate it.

Getting by with it
About the person complaining about the free soup line in Galax and the pictures that were in the paper — if they are that ashamed of being in the food line, they don’t need to be there. I’ve seen a lot standing in the soup line who don’t need to be there. They look a lot healthier than I do. They need to do some checking on this food stamp thing. I know a couple that lives together. Her boyfriend works and makes good money. She gets food stamps like crazy. Plus, everywhere a church is giving food away, she goes and gets it. She gets free stuff and takes it to her mother-in-law. They’ve got it piled up so bad now in their building, they could live on it for five years. There are too many of them getting by with it.
Editor’s note: If there’s abuse of the system, use your phone and report it.

Time is short
We must use extreme caution when President Obama says he is a Christian. His early years were heavily influenced by Islam. Look at the black headbands the Muslim militants often wear that have the pledge of allegiance to Islam on their foreheads. The mark of the beast. Look at the gold dome Muslim temple in Jerusalem with the inscription, “God has no son” on its side, denying the father and the son. Anyone with eyes to see should realize time is short. Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

Straighten it out
In the Sept. 19 paper, it talked about Bank of America laying off 30,000 people. The community also needs to know the jobs at Bank of America were going to the Philippines and that Anthem is laying off claims people and sending claims to the Philippines. Also, 1,200 jobs in the mining area in West Virginia and Virginia were just lost. They are going across the water. They are doing certain coal just for overseas, therefore, our electricity bills are going to go out of sight. It is time to think about all these overseas jobs. We need somebody that will straighten this out.

What to do?
For the one talking about being an independent, I am independent, too. I did not vote for Obama. I do not like gay marriage and abortion stuff. But the man that is running against our president belongs to a religion that believes in Heaven but no Hell. If there is no Hell, Christ died in vain on the cross. Who knows what to do? We have a third party candidate, Virgil Goode, which I know he probably doesn’t have a chance. I just wish something could be done.
Editor’s note: From Religion Facts.com: “Mormons do believe in hell. Those who did not repent while on Earth will experience a temporary hell after death (during the time that all spirits go to the spirit world before the Resurrection), but will have an opportunity to repent afterwards and avoid the eternal hell.”

Aqua Velva Man
I know there have been a lot of Hotline calls about the Grayson County bus transportation house that houses employees. Someone in that office wears way too much cologne. I don’t know how they stand it. I believe in trying to smell good, but this has taken it way overboard.

Keep it separate
All these people keep calling the Hotline talking about religion and politics. Religion should not be in politics because not everyone in America is religious. Politicians should do what is right for people period, not base it on some religious belief. The Bible has no place in politics.

Better off without
It is funny how with Obama and his ObamaCare, he thinks it is such a good thing. I think it is going to put this country under communism and we would be better off without it. So, step up people and vote for Mitt Romney.

Foul language
I ate at a restaurant in Galax last Saturday evening and there was a lady in there using foul language. She doesn’t need to be eating out in public and using foul language in front of families and children.

This is in reference to the editor’s comment about Obama being a Christian because he put his hand on the Bible [at his January 2009 inauguration]. That’s ridiculous. Even Satan could form himself into an angel of light to get his way. Get real.

Setting it straight
Thank you, editor, for telling the person that called in that Obama is not a Muslim and that he used the Bible from Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration. Somebody was telling things that are not true and it is sad. There are enough problems in this election going on without stuff like that.

Altered view
It is a shame [that trees were planted at Galax High School that block the view of football games from beyond the school property], because people that are sick or maybe not able to sit out in cold weather don’t have the opportunity to see any of those games, either.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter.

Detail your view
I have a question I have never heard answered by the pro-life people. How many years should a woman be put in prison for having an abortion? And, if you are pro-life, are you opposed to the death penalty and are you also opposed to wars?

At one time there was more money in Social Security administration than any other department of the government. They took all the money out of Social Security and distributed among other government agencies and that’s what put us in the spot we are in now. You’ve got to thank all those idiots in Washington, D.C.
Editor’s note: This is not even close to being correct.

Need to think
I’m calling about the election. It’s time we get very serious about this. We need to think. Get a man in there that is for the Bible and for God. For Heaven’s sake, let’s all vote for a man that will stand up and be a president for us. Don’t vote for the party. Vote for a man.

It’s the economy
I am truly worried about the people in the United States. This election is not about abortion or gays. This election is about feeding our elderly, feeding our children, taking care of our children that do not have clothes or food, our elderly that have to choose between food and medicine. People, if you want to preach, go to church and preach. This election is about our economy. We are sinking fast. Please go to church with your attitudes and leave the election where it should be.

Don’t forget
I can’t believe how the people of Virginia can forget so easily. I noticed on TV that Tim Kaine was bragging about the jobs he brought Northern Virginia. What did he do for Southwestern Virginia? How quickly people forget about the closing of the rest areas by Kaine plus many other things. I know the media is in the tank for Tim Kaine and Barack Obama. Just remember the fiddlers’ convention pictures of only Tim Kaine and his wife at the fiddlers’ convention. That is an absolute shame.
Editor’s note: Kaine’s Republican opponent, George Allen, did not attend this year’s fiddlers’ convention. We did publish a photo of a Republican candidate in another congressional race who attended the event, Morgan Griffith, in that edition.

Fearless leaders
Our fearless leaders need to send the Muslim Brotherhood another $1.5 billion, then they can destroy and riot and kill Americans for the next several years.