Readers' Hotline 10/10/12

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No stopping it
Some callers have said they won’t vote for Obama because he is pro-abortion. That stance would be up to the Supreme Court to decide, not Obama. I think everyone thinks abortion is a tragedy. The thing is, making it illegal again will not stop it. It will just a repeat of the recent past. As a senior in high school, I personally knew of a girl that almost died from an abortion attempt. Another tried drinking poison. If my 13-year-old daughter got pregnant from being raped, how we handle that as a family is none of the government’s business.

I haven’t words to express my thanks to the owner and staff at Applebee’s in Galax. After eating a late lunch there, the staff called me to inform me they had found my wallet and it would be in the safe until I could pick it up. Their honesty is to be highly commended and I shall be forever grateful to them.

I called and you published what I had said in the Sept 26 edition, titled “unaffordable” regarding Medicare insurance. I believe one word was deleted or changed. What I said was that Congress and Obama have already passed a bill that will double your Medicare payment that is deducted from your Social Security check beginning in 2014. I would greatly appreciate it if you would print what I had said.

Couch potatoes
Our government needs to quit blaming these obese kids on the school systems. If parents would get them off of their butts in the evenings instead of in front of a TV eating cakes, cookies and candies, playing with the TV, they would lose some poundage.

Shove off
I have heard enough of this nonsense about President Obama ignoring Prime Minister Netanyahu. Israel is always starting trouble and trying to pick a fight. It has been bullying Palestinians ever since anyone can remember. Now Israel wants to start a war with Iran. But, they don’t want to go it alone. These trouble-making cowards want us to do all the work and pay for the war they want to start. Israel starts a fight and expects the United States to come in and clean up the mess. We are the only country that kisses up to Israel. I would tell Netanyahu and Israel to shove off. If you want to go to war with Iran, do it alone. Don’t expect American taxpayers to pay for it. Don’t expect American soldiers to be killed simply because you are unwilling to get along with the rest of the world. If there is trouble going on in the world, you can bet Israel is right in the middle of it. They are nothing but warmongers and trouble makers.

Helping the lazy
I’d like to comment about the after-school programs in our county. Seems we are coming into a more socialistic government that is leading into communistic. Kids that are in after school, they get all these trips paid for and us parents choose to let our kids come home and take care of them in the afternoon. We have to pay for all of their activities. I don’t understand why this money can’t be used to help all the children, not just a few that seem too lazy to do their homework and for parents to take care of them. Would other people please comment?

Liberal highjacking
Recently me and my wife attended the Democratic National Convention. We have attended the last three. Been a registered Democrat right at 30 years. While we were at the DNC, they took Jerusalem out as the capital of Israel and got it off the platform and put it back on, I was there to hear all the booing myself and actually was nudged to actually boo, too. Me and my wife were taken aback. We consider ourselves to be a strong Christian couple. But, since seeing it with our own eyes, we have decided not to vote for Barack this time. We voted for him last time but from seeing that on the convention floor, looks more and more like liberals have highjacked our party and I just don’t feel like we can be part of that anymore.

Get the truth
We hit 2,000 dead U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan a week ago, yet Obama says terrorism is going away. This is a lie. The people that our military are training to take over in Afghanistan when we leave are turning on our military men and women and killing them. Yet, the president is doing his bragging all over the country on how he has defeated terrorism. Educate yourself with the real news. Not the news that is biased and not telling the American people the truth. They only tell what will help the president get elected. Pray for our military. Pray for our country.

Consider your outcome
This is in response to “iffy economy.” The caller said we should go to church and preach and keep it out of politics. That’s what’s wrong with America now. They have put God out of everything. If you continue to put God out of everything, we are going to be just like the Soviet Union and communist China. In fact, communist China will probably be where our president comes from. So, go ahead and put God out of everything and keep your politics separate, but just know where you are going and what the outcome is going to be.

Vote for backbone
Obama just informed Congress he is sending another $450 million to Egypt in another attempt to buy friends in the Middle East. While they burn our flags and murder our citizens, the president seems to think throwing more taxpayers’ money at the problem is the solution. Vote in November for a president that will have the backbone to tell our enemies that the United States will not allow our citizens to be murdered and a president that will not lie to the citizens about what is really going on.

Flash from the past
I noticed pictures you had of furniture factories in 1938, 1940. Thanks for the nice pictures showing how the old folks founded the workplaces in Galax. I noticed in the righthand corner there next to the back, a guy standing there with a pipe in his mouth and looked like a shotgun. He didn’t shoot anybody, but they didn’t take breaks for eating like they have of the evening and morning now. That wasn’t allowed. Eating on the job wasn’t allowed until noon. They worked hard. They didn’t earn very much money but we thank those folks for helping found Galax. The flood of the 1940s, we thank folks for looking over the water. And looking at pictures of the women, how nice they were dressed and we appreciate those women for being appropriately dressed. Nowadays they don’t dress that way.

For now, the prescription D, the insurance companies have control of that. Obamacare goes in effect 2014, not 2013. I just wonder people knew that.

On your knees
Since I don’t have time to address all the Obama bashers, I would just say this: If you truly are concerned about this nation and this election, you would spend more time on your knees praying for the nation and the president since you feel he is unchristian and less time calling the Hotline, which only serves the purpose of encouraging hate and division.

The more I read in The Gazette, the more I realize it does not need a comic strip because it has the Hotline. Some of these calls are just unbelievably ridiculous. Thank you for taking my call.

Local energy sources
This is concerning our use of local energy. Carroll County is making a big mistake by so quickly stopping wind turbines from being built. I don’t know what is so dangerous about them. If it is the noise, they could be located somewhere that is not close to residential areas. I don’t think you are looking into the future. There is a hydroelectric plant at Fries and a smaller one at Mouth of Wilson that Carroll, Grayson and Galax can buy electricity from and utilize our local energy. Why not use it? It may save us some money. Why not use methane gas that is produced in the landfills to run some of the plants and buildings? It is just going to waste. Wake up and get on the ball.

Sore losers
Jealousy and anger are destroying our country. Good Christian people aren’t supposed to act like that. Read your Bible. The minute President Obama was elected, Republicans vowed they weren’t going to cooperate. That is one promise they kept. The president and our representatives were all elected to serve the people. They are supposed to work things out. Not do nothing. Then, they have the nerve to say President Obama hasn’t done anything, that he is responsible for the mess we are in. How come other working people don’t see that? The sore loser Republicans have acted like spoiled brats the whole time. They would rather watch our country fall down in every way because of their stupid pride. The Bible has also got some things to say about pride.

In reply
In response to “detail your view” Oct. 1, it is the judge’s decision on how long a woman should be put in prison for abortion. However long they determine the murder of a child, should be sentenced.

Diabolical plan
We have all heard “when pigs fly,” right? Well, I know a nasty, devilish pig that can also talk. He said to his son’s mother, “I will see you in hell or in Dublin jail.” Then, he proceeds to call her place of employment numerous times, trying to get her fired so that she can’t pay him child support; therefore, she would go to jail. This is an interesting, diabolical plan, don’t you think? I believe the pieces are finally beginning to fall in place.

Avoiding the truth
I just want to comment on all the bad Hotline calls about Obama. I don’t feel that people are really going into the truth about the president.

Beware privatization
Being a senior citizen, I have been worried about Social Security because some say it is going bankrupt. But an extensive study shown on cable news said that is just a hoax. Social Security is not going bankrupt and has two trillion dollars surplus. They are just telling all of us senior citizens all of this because they want to be elected and then just take over and privatize it and end up making us have to pay money we don’t have. I think people ought to know about this.
Editor’s note: There is no serious proposal on the table in Congress to privatize Social Security.

Stealing signs
Regarding the people driving a silver Dodge truck in the Mouth of Wilson area: it is a shame that people cannot advertise their business without you all coming along and taking the signs down. If you had any decency about you, you will return them. You were seen taking them.

Lacking wisdom
Do you know the definition of an arrogant politician? That is a person that lacks the wisdom to see the consequences of their failures.

Protect your benefits
If people want to keep their benefits — like veterans’ benefits and everything else, Social Security, too — they better vote Democrat this year and that is for sure.

Lock ‘em up
I think juvenile court should be done away with. You do the crime, do the time as an adult.

Could starve
Anyone that votes for Mitt Romney is a vote for the Koch brothers. They are backing him with their money so when he gets in office he can take care of them and the heck with the rest of us. If you vote for him, we are going to be starving under a bridge. If that happens, he is going to be at fault.

Common sense
I cannot believe what this world has come to. People jealous of what somebody else has in their shopping cart. I have for years had total strangers comment on what is in my cart. It does anger you because they are not paying for it. Step one of your common sense lesson: for example, the average person works an eight or nine hour shift. You usually get three breaks per day. The first thing nine out of 10 people do is go to the drink machine. You pay $1.25 per bottle times three, equals $3.75 per day. Times that by five work days and it is a total of $18.75. Step 2: this week a certain store has Pepsi products, 12 ounce cans, 12 pack, three for $9.99. Do the math: $9.99 divided by three equals $3.33 for each 12 pack, divided by 12 cans per pack equals 28 cents for each can.

Turned off
All of this fighting and pointing and calling names, putting people down on this election, needs to stop. God will be the one who decides who will be our president. That will be his decision no matter. We are not Democrats or Republicans. We are Americans. We are supposed to love each other. Fighting is childish and ignorant. I am tired of it all.

Sign me up
This is in response to the “better off” in last week’s paper. Where in the world are you living? I know you are not in the U.S. My 401(k) has gone down. My taxes have gone up. Man, I am going to move where you are.

Ready to scream
I have not read an entire news article or watched an entire news broadcast since 1990 when the Gulf War took place and I was overseas. I do, however, subscribe to The Gazette, and when I read the Hotline, I am interested in a lot of the things. The biggest thing that bothers me is there is no way to create jobs that were sent overseas. I understand there is something to be said about the cost of employment overseas. However, the persons here on our soil have got to come first. We were at one time a nation that had all of its needs met within its own territory and things were being exported. Now, we have to import goods to sell on our soil that someone else made, while people here can’t afford to purchase these items because they don’t have jobs because someone across the ocean put those things together. Just doesn’t make sense. If I hear one more person in government say something about creating more jobs, I am likely to scream.
Editor’s note: The Gulf War began in January 1991.

One or the other
I’ve heard all the hoopla about this election being the most important in history and what scares me is that one of these two is going to be our president. I don’t think we could stand four more years of Obama. One of the things he said that Medicare, the only thing that would change is fraud taken out of it, but they have severely lowered the amount of physical therapy you are allowed. I don’t know when physical therapy became fraud, but I guess it is. They talk about unemployment being 8.5 percent. They don’t count the people that have already drawn out their unemployment that aren’t drawing any unemployment. There are probably as many of those as there are those listed as unemployed. I heard during the Great Depression that unemployment was 15 percent and it’s probably closer to 20 percent now. At that time we didn’t have Medicare.

Lordy, lordy, what do I do? Got Obama on one hand and Romney on the other. You did this, you said this, “I will do this” from both candidates. I have decided on a coin and a flip. Either way, I am not gaining anything. What about you?