Readers' Hotline 10/10/11

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Riding the brakes
I have to travel up and down on Tower Road. I think we should find out the next board meeting and get together and get our speed limit changed to at least 35 if not 45. This is not a 25 mph zone road. You have to hold brakes and still do over the speed limit. This is a speed trap and they give a lot of tickets to innocent people.

Looking good
I thank the Town of Independence for fluffing up the town. The pole flags are absolutely wonderful and the mural on the side of town hall is absolutely beautiful. I think it looks good adding these things to the town. Makes it look a lot better.

Worth the cost?
I have an investigative question. Recently Carroll, Grayson and Galax sent their teachers to a motivational speaker workshop. This was a national speaker with a lot of titles, but he offered a lot of facts that were just common sense things from the news and he really didn’t give teachers any solutions to make their lives better. How much did Carroll, Grayson and Galax pay for this national speaker and how much of that money could have gone to resources that would have really helped our students instead of just beating a dead horse with facts and figures and numbers that teachers are already well aware of?

Church and state
I read in the paper about the new polling places for voting. One of them is Grace Freewill Baptist Church on Wilson Highway. Isn’t that against the rules? Church and state? Shouldn’t be a polling place in church and there should be no churches where there is voting going on. I believe it is against the rules.
Editor’s note: It is not unusual for some localities to use churches as polling sites.

Taxing energy?
President Obama is using the Environmental Protection Agency to impose regulations that will raise energy taxes on America. Senior citizens on fixed incomes will be among those most hurt by higher energy taxes as prices on heating, cooling, electricity, household goods and clothing will rise rapidly. No Obama energy tax.

Sign of a problem
When can you tell that our country has big problems? When our president not only goes and talks to a group of gay rights activists, not only talks with them but supports them. There are so many other groups that he could go and talk to and show his support for, but no.
A deeper hole
These Democrats in Washington need to wake up and get a brain. They are wasting all of our tax money on green technology that doesn’t work. Fast rail we don’t need. Senior citizens haven’t gotten a Social Security raise. Someone please have some mercy on us. We are about to lose most of what we have to survive on. The things this president and his crew have done behind our back without being discussed with Congress — he needs to be impeached. It is not fair to our country. They keep digging a deeper hole to downgrade our country and I don’t like it. Most of us will remember all these things in the 2012 election.
Years to recover
Why do people keep blaming Obama for everything when George Bush is the one that caused it all? When Obama took office we were already in a full-blown recession. It will take years to get out of it with all the unpaid wars and prescription drug part D that wasn’t paid for. People need to stop watching a certain news station that just tells a bunch of junk.
Editor’s note: After 33 months in office, when might it become the current president’s responsibility? Just asking. Are there some of you still blaming George Washington for the state of the nation?

Constant smoke
As a person with a breathing disorder, it has become very difficult to shop in an area of Galax due to constant smoke and even small bits of ash from burnings apparently near the golf course. This has been going on for maybe two weeks now. I would appreciate it if they would do something about it. It hurts to even shop and have to breathe the air in that area.
Not Nazi Germany
In response to the caller of “jail them for their views,” this is not Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, where innocent people were jailed for having different views than the government. This is not a country that deals with concentration camps.

Ruining the neighborhood
I live in the Fries area and in this community there are neighbors whose house is about to fall in. They don’t care about their well-being and hygiene. They all draw checks and should be able to have a suitable house. They make our whole neighborhood look trashy. Something should be done.

I live in Eagle Bottom and we have neighbors that like to mooch. They mooch off family. They mooch off friends and they do not pay the light bill and do not pay their cell phone bill. They let their lights get cut off four or five times a year. All they do is mooch and go around looking for money and food. They need to learn to get a job and do something.

Act like a grownup
I have been reading the Hotline for many years. I am an elderly person. I have seen so many controversial opinions about the many things people fight over — government, land, fighting with neighbors. We all need to grow up and be grownups. Can’t we just all get along?

Write ‘em up
To the caller who complained about too many tickets on Tower Road, I wish the officers would sit in our driveway and issue many, many more tickets. As far as asking the supervisor to change the speed limit, I feel the supervisor would feel the same way we do if he lived here on Tower Road. Also, if you are out of work, seems to me like you would be more careful and slow down so you wouldn’t have to pay for a ticket.

Time to patrol
I would like to comment on the speeding and drug use in the Eagle Bottom section of Fries. I’m a single elderly lady and live by myself. When my grandchildren are here, they play in my yard. It is not because we are not good parents and don’t tend to them well. We tend to them well. Any little freak thing can happen, like when their ball accidentally goes out in the road. Kids don’t think. They will run right out in the road and the next thing, you’ve got somebody doing 55 and smashes them flat like a bug. I don’t feel like we have any drug dealers down here. Feel like they have all been moved out and sent away to prison. A couple neighbors have tried to clean up their properties and make things look good. If they want to patrol, let them go ahead and patrol for drugs. But they will find many speeders and probably many people driving with no tags and no insurance on their automobiles.

Editor’s Note: A call published on Oct. 5 asked why Grayson County Schools will be spending grant money for after-school programs only at three county schools at not at other schools in Grayson. The Gazette received the following explanation from Grayson Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Thomas: “These grants are federally awarded monies that are required to be expended at Independence Elementary School, Independence Middle School and Grayson County High School. We are not permitted to use any of these funds at other schools. We applied for the grant funds for other schools as well, but we did not receive grant awards, as the federal monies were limited.”