Reader offended by Gazette's coverage

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It seems like the people whom are going to wed in the area should have their photo on the front page of The Gazette from this point on.
Otherwise, The Gazette is saying that the rights of straight couples are less than those of gay people.
If this is news, than I did not see it on WDBJ television! Why couldn’t the happy couple be in the wedding section of The Gazette like all the others?
I hope that the person that decided to place this photo and story on the front page will realize that he or she will be judged by the Creator on the day of judgment.
I am not scolding this couple, rather The Gazette for taking the rights of straight couples away. The issue(s) are equal rights and not the superiority of gay people.
I thought that The Gazette stood for equal rights and fairness with reporting and news. Guess we folks whom feel the same as me will re-examine when our subscriptions come due and it is time to elect our public officials to office.
Take the time to learn just how the elected officials feel and the feelings of this newspaper feels about this. I rest my case.
Terry Alderman