Quality teachers are key to education

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This is in response to newspaper reports that the Grayson County school employees received a 2 percent raise.
I would like to clarify that our employees received a one-time 2 percent cost of living adjustment, not a continuing raise.
Unfortunately, due to cuts in funding, our school division was not able to provide a raise or even fulfill compensation promises to our employees.
Sadly, our teachers and staff are the lowest paid in the entire state. They have not received their promised step increases for four consecutive years.
They did not receive the school system’s obligated amount to be paid on employees’ insurance premiums for the past year. In fact, our teachers can go to a neighboring school division and make $10,000 more per year.  
The importance of education cannot be overstated.  In today’s world, the role of education and teachers has become even more vital.
The economic well being of our community is directly related to education and skills of the population. Business and industry will not locate in an area that does not have the necessary skilled people.
Quality teachers are the key ingredient to improved student achievement and an educated workforce.  They deserve to be better and fairly compensated.
I applaud our teachers, administrators and staff for their exceptional dedication to the education of our young people.
They certainly don’t stay because of the money; they stay because they care about the children.
Dr. Elizabeth Thomas
Grayson County Public Schools