Public record for 8/10/11 edition

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Editor’s Note: This information is taken from open court records and is a matter of public record.  
The listings are complete. The newspaper, as a matter of fairness, will not honor requests to omit any listing.  
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These marriage licenses were recorded April 12-June 21 in the office of Susan M. Herrington, clerk of the Grayson County Circuit Court, Independence:
Carey Joe Johnson, 50, and Kimberly Elaine Atnip, 46, both of Galax.
Chad Stevenson Anders, 23, and Jessica Lynn Davis, 25, both of Independence.
Juan Antonio Alcocer-Castillo, 35, and Ruth Nohemi Erazo Vasquez, 27, both of Galax.
Lucas Corey Austin, 33, and Ashley Ann Kelley, 25, both of Independence.
Brandon Jathaniel Brown, 19, and Heather Leann Blevins, 16, both of Galax.
Donald Jeffrey Cornett, 40, Independence, and Tina Sue Bobbitt, 32, Galax.
Matthew Wayne Barber, 23, and Elizabeth Gene McKnight, 28, both of Galax.
Matthew Thomas McDonald, 32, and Frances Emily Bondra, 30, both of Charlotte, N.C.
Roger Lee Ray, 25, and Elizabeth Mae Boyd, 26, both of Fries.
Justin Michael Cole, 30, Hillsville, and Alisha Leigh Bobbitt, 29, Independence.
Peter Francis Foster Jr., 19, and Jessica Baldwin Boyles, 28, both of Fries.
Bryan Anthony Elkins, 25, Independence, and Brittany S. Byrd, 24, Elk Creek.
Matthew Steven Fidler, 26, and Sabrina Ann Roop, 23, both of Charleston, S.C.
Walter Stephen Gillespie, 24, and Amber Elaine Walker, 23, both of Galax.
Isaac Daniel Evans, 21, and Amanda Leigh Toler, 24, both of Galax.
David Bryan Maines, 41, and Scarlett Elizabeth Delp, 29, both of Sparta, N.C.
David Ray Fields, 23, and Marcella Dawn Huffman, 26, both of Galax.
Glenn Lawson Richards, 20, and Brittany Michelle Johnson, 20, both of Independence.
James Michael Jefferson, 41, Fries, and Crystal Dawn Smith, 35, Hillsville.
Harold Keith Smith, 35, and Virginia Mae Heddinger, 38, both of Galax.
Bradley Stephen Manuel, 26, and Kimberly Lynn Holt, 26, both of Rural Retreat.
Arnold Orellana-Flores, 45, and Olga Marieta Turcios Julin, 44, both of Galax.
James Michael Hodge, 32, and Sarah Ann Mason, 33, both of Galax.
Michael Anthony Johnson, 43, Elk Creek, and Rebecca Vaughn Hylander, 30, Fries.
David Allen Reed, 25, and Detra Denise Johnson, 31, both of Fries.
Todd Steven Norman, 46, Elkin, N.C., and Jo Ann Triplett, 36, Boonville, N.C.
Jerry Lee Martin, 46, Independence, and Brett Lane Morris, 24, Elk Creek.
Tomas Esquivel Ortiz, 29, and Maritza Fabiola Escamilla Rangel, 24, both of Galax.
Steven Douglas Wagg, 28, and Heather Marie Montgomery, 21, both of Galax.
James Darnell Young Jr., 19, and Tia Michelle Shaffner, 29, both of Fries.
Nathan Eli Sutherland, 19, and Molly Elizabeth Stuart, 19, both of Independence.


These divorces were recorded May 7-June 17 in the office of Susan M. Herrington, clerk of the Grayson County Circuit Court, Independence:
Myra Joy Barrett vs. Darren Wayne Barrett.
Stacey Lee Halsey vs. Kelly Gene Halsey.
Barry Wayne Fields vs. Mary Mae Fields.
Douglas Wayne Johnson vs. Melissa Faye Johnson.
Ronald Douglas Jordan vs. Brandi Leanne Jordan.
Kristen Nicole McCraw vs. Jeremiah Matthew McCraw.
Leslie Marie Plummer McMillan vs. Iran Dale McMillan.
Valerie Jane Alstaetter Paisley vs. Kyle Ray Paisley III.

Circuit Court

These sentences were recorded May 7-June 17 in the office of Susan M. Herrington, clerk of the Grayson County Circuit Court, Independence. Sentences may be appealed:
Randy Shawn Morris, 40, guilty of obtaining controlled drugs by fraud; sentenced to one year in jail and $1,000 fine; suspended; be on good behavior one year; pay costs; substance abuse prohibited; community service to be served through New River Community Corrections; given credit for time served.