Prevent animal cruelty

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Guest Editorial

By Suzanne Collins, Twin County Humane Society

Twin County Humane Society reminds the public that April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month.
Recognizing animal cruelty is not always simple. What constitutes animal cruelty or abuse?
Unintentional abuse usually occurs when someone is ignorant of the proper way to care for a pet.
Among the signs are lack of shelter, no food or water, a collar that’s too tight or embedded in the animal’s neck, hair loss or mange, wounds or open sores, matted coat, failure to provide veterinary care, malnutrition or a filthy living environment.
Intentional abuse with deliberate acts of cruelty toward an animal are far easier to identify — torturing, maiming or killing an animal.
Abusers see hurting or killing a beloved pet as a way to punish or get back at someone they feel has wronged them. These defenseless animals can’t fight back.
Regardless of the type of animal cruelty, intentional or unintentional, it needs to be reported.
Immediately call the animal control officer in your community to report any type of cruelty:
• Galax, 236-8101
• Carroll County, (276) 728-3331
• Grayson County, (276) 773-3241
Animals depend on us for companionship and for food and shelter. They also depend on us to protect them, to care for them and to speak up for them.
This April, and every month throughout the year, be a voice for the voiceless. Report any suspected animal abuse.
Let’s stop animal cruelty!