Pothole predicament

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Winter portends a perilous number of driving pitfalls, but patchy pavement doesn't usually lead the pack of problems.

But this winter has presented a particularly potent set of potholes for motorists to pass through.

The proof in the pudding can be found in a long line of damaged vehicles forced to the shoulder of Interstate 77, near the 11 mile marker of the northbound lanes.

There were reports of dozens of disabled vehicles needing repairs to wheels and tires as a result of dipping into large depressions, causing sudden deflations.

A speeding sedan slamming into the apparently knife-sharp edge of deteriorating asphalt at 65 mph — dangerous indeed.

Another in the long list of winter woes, motorists should treat poor pavement surfaces like other seasonal threats: drive defensively.

Any advice that involves swerving should be eschewed. Wet roads in winter means slick pavement and the possibility of wildly losing control.

Instead of slamming on brakes, respond as if it were any other hallmark of winter — practice patience.

To get there safe and sound, ease up on the accelerator.

Nothing else will give vehicles quite so much traction.