Police warn of 'Autism Society' scam

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Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan today warned citizens of a telephone scam requesting fundraising assistance for the Autism Society.  
Grayson County citizens have received telephone calls from someone claiming to be from the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation and asking if they would send fundraising letters to neighbors and friends, Vaughan reported Friday afternoon.
The caller requests that donations be sent to post office boxes in other states and that those donations be sent to the Autism Society, Vaughan stated.

Be advised that Wings of Hope and its parent organization, Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation, are not in any way related to the Autism Society, said the sheriff in a news release.

"The best way to help those with autism in your own community is to support your local Autism Society chapter that is known to help improve the lives of those with autism in your community. That way, you know where your charitable contribution is going," Vaughan stated.

Just because someone phones you saying they are raising money to help children with autism does not mean that the money they raise will benefit anyone in your area struggling with autism, Vaughan reported.

• Anyone with questions regarding the validity of a fundraiser should contact the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department at (276) 773-3241 or 236-9988 and ask to speak with an investigator.