Police close Walmart shooting case

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By April Wright, Reporter

The police investigation into a shooting at Walmart revealed that the victim’s actions were “heroic and selfless.”

Rita Carico, 57, of Galax, who was shot in the face and chest in the dairy section of Walmart on the night of May 1, has been released from Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital and expects to make a full recovery, according to the Galax Police Department.

Investigators had been waiting for Carico to recover before interviewing her about the shooting. Police were able to talk to her last week.

The shooter, A.G. Anderson, 64, of Galax died at North Carolina Baptist Hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, shortly after the incident.

According to witnesses and the victim’s statement, the attack was unprovoked. There was no argument or discussion prior to the first shot being fired inside the store.

The victim and suspect were acquainted, but Galax Police Chief Rick Clark did not specify their relationship.

The victim was shot once while in the grocery section of the store. She told police that, as she started to flee, she observed customers — including children — in the area where the incident occurred.

Rather than risking the safety of people she did not know, she fled through an exit door to lead the suspect away from them.

In all likelihood, that action prevented other people from becoming victims, the police report said.