Playground issues are being addressed

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We were made aware of some issues last summer (2010) after our scheduled inspection by VACO safety inspectors. During that meeting we discussed potential safety issues and how to fix them.
Carroll Parks and Recreation and the county maintenance department reviewed a repair list and made plans to resolve the problems.
Loads of mulch were delivered and several upgrades and repairs were made. A representative from the playground equipment provider visited and ordered any replacement equipment needed. This cost around $1,600, as none of this equipment was under warranty.
All upgrades were completed by county maintenance field supervisor Tim Parnell.
As to the section of fence off to the side, yes, that was the case. I don’t know how or when this was moved but it has been repaired.
I did notice a crack on one of the slides, but no one mentioned this during either inspection last summer. We have spoken with Fort Alexander of Site Concepts and he is in the process of getting pricing.
After reviewing records about the handicapped swing, we found the following correspondence:
“October 10, 2003: Wheel chair swing, remove the wheelchair swing from the playground. This type of swing is heavy and could strike a child with great force. In its current state the
platform is too high to be used with a wheelchair. The ramp on one side has also been damaged.”
Carroll County views Playground 2000 as an invaluable asset to visitors and citizens. The dedicated work that you and the community did to see this playground become a reality is recognized as a valiant and successful effort to enhance our community.
Carroll County is dedicated to maintaining and upgrading if necessary. When an issue comes to your attention, I would be happy to address.
Unfortunately, we had some turnover during the time you had contacted the recreation department, which may have led to issues not being addressed as expeditiously as we would have liked.
Carroll County will continue to maintain the playground with a similar source of pride that the Playground 2000 volunteers initiated with their efforts.
Curt Sumner
Recreation Director, Carroll County