Playground 2000 needs maintenance

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A little more than 10 years ago, the people and businesses of this community came together in an unprecedented effort and raised more than $125,000 to provide a safe and fun place to play for our children and those of travelers.
When we are there with our children and see so many happy kids running, sliding and swinging, we are proud to have been a part of that effort. We are concerned that this gift from the people of the county is not being maintained with that same pride.
While it is still a wonderful playground after 11 years, there are many issues which could be easily handled. One of the big slides has a crack at the bottom which pinches small behinds as they get to the bottom.
We pointed this out to someone at the rec department more than a year ago, and reminded them the equipment is still under warranty, so a call to the company should have been all that was needed.
Special swings that were at the end of the swing row are gone, and could be easily replaced with less expensive regular swings if not by the same kind. That way, more than two older kids could swing at the same time.
The original wheelchair swing is obviously damaged and should be repaired or removed and replaced with more regular swings.
While the cost of mulch or bark may be prohibitive in these times, there is a certain level (marked  on the main support posts) that is supposed to be maintained for safety.
If it is impossible to re-mulch the whole area, maybe you could just do the area under the main structure.
One of our biggest fundraisers was selling pickets for the fence at the back of the playground. There is a big gap that has been in the fence for more than a year, with the missing section just placed off to the side.
We just want to make sure that Playground 2000 remains a source of pride for our county. Thank you.
Brian and Susan Spencer
Co-chairmen, Playground 2000