Pick Your Passion

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A group of organizers are providing the perfect opportunity for locals to give back, as well as the possibility of getting much more in return.

There's no better way to gain the satisfaction of helping out, make friends, build a resume, find job connections and — if you're new in town — get acquainted with the community and its local organizations than through tomorrow's volunteer fair.

The volunteer opportunity fair — to be held at the Crossroads Institute from 4-8 p.m. — will allow citizens the great opportunity to see many non-profits of all kinds in one place, and to learn what they have to offer. Many people in the community depend on these groups, and they in turn depend on volunteers.

The theme is “Pick Your Passion,” and fair visitors will be able to learn more about what they love —art, music, history, culture or human services — while helping organizations that need support, especially to keep the community vibrant during these tough times.

This is the time when people of all ages and all interests can find a place where their passions match the cause. Through volunteering, people can truly make the community a better place.