Pick the best — not cheapest — option

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Grayson County will decide this week between three water options for the new school being built in the western end of the county.

Option 1 included a straight line to the school along Virginia 16 with 40 potential hookups. Option 2 adds to that a loop around Grange Hollow Road with 18 more potential hookups. Option 3 would service only the school.

In order to get the most use out of taxpayers' money, the county should go with the $1.1 million Option 2.

County Administrator Bill Ring said residents of the area had been complaining lately about problems with their wells. What a deal it would be for the water line to help those folks out at the same time it supplies the school.

The county already budgeted $600,000 for water lines with the costs for the new school, and could potentially get $112,000 from the state on top of that. That would leave the county to come up with around $388,000, but like Supervisors' Chairman Mike Maynard said, that's a million-dollar asset for less than $400,000.

The option also provides the most possible hookups to the system, as well as some needed revenue to the Town of Troutdale and the county. In tough economic times, any money brought in is good money.