Pastor says church witnessed miracle

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I am pastor of the Independence Church of God of Prophecy. Recently a miracle happened at our church and I have felt the need to testify to it.
It happened during a Wednesday night service with 13 people in attendance. Service began, and as usual the spirit of the Lord was present.
After opening with prayer, I asked if anyone would like to be anointed and prayed for. Several came forward.
I picked up the bottle of anointing oil to find it was empty. I shook it and turned it upside down trying to get a drop of oil to anoint.
I said, “all we need is a drop,” but to no avail. I held up the bottle to show the people it was empty. I placed the bottle back and began to pray for people with only a small amount of residue from the bottle.
After each person, I kept trying to get oil out. After about three people, I reached for the bottle and it was over one-fourth full of oil.
God truly filled that bottle. Everyone there wanted to be anointed and prayed for with the blessed oil that God replenished.
Thirteen people witnessed this miracle and were truly thankful and in awe of what God had done for His people.
All we have to do is have faith and believe, and we can still see miracles. I wonder if the bottle of oil will ever be empty. Kings 1:17.
Ron Brewer