Obtaining disability is difficult

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I was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and have lived with a shunt my entire life. I have developed generalized anxiety disorder, a trace of Crohn’s Disease and depression.
I am unable to work with such obstacles. I applied for disability benefits twice. I was turned down twice and am appealing the second rejection.
One reason I am given is that I have nothing preventing me from working. I have had three jobs since 1991. With all of them, I had 911 called on me for panic attacks. Crohn’s is triggered by stress. Depression keeps me from wanting to get out of bed most days.
The shunt could malfunction at any moment as I have now lived four years past the expectation of another revision. This prevents me from working.
The other argument I’ve been given is that I’ve established too long of a work history to be considered for benefits.  
My first job with The Life Center of Galax and lasted 11 years, the last six of which I became claustrophobic due to working in a small space. I was on probation twice for emotional outbursts beyond my control. I was asked to resign over something unrelated.
A job with Galax Public Library lasted six years. I was criticized for using social media on company time. It was explained that such activity was interactive. I ended up losing this job as well.
My last job was with Results Galax. I was there 13 months. It was like a pressure cooker and probably not ideal for someone with my conditions, but it was a job. I lost this one due to mere confusion. I commend anyone who can hack it.
This is the result of what the government says is too long a work history. None of these situations gives me confidence that I can succeed elsewhere. My faith is shattered that fair and sympathetic employers exist.
I have more than earned disability benefits, especially considering that addicts and unwed mothers get it left and right.  I’m fairly certain they haven’t had to endure what I have.
David Roberson