Obama no ally of Israel

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There is a saying, “There is none so blind as those who will not see.”
These words are just what America has become.
President Obama has sent millions of taxpayer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.
He has now sent them 20 American fighter jets.
I wonder why he wants to build up Muslim countries. It is not hard to figure out. They hate Israel and will attack it sooner or later.
But isn’t Israel our ally?
Then why is Obama doing everything in his power against them? He even put a man as secretary of defense that hates Israel.
The Muslim people want an Islam world with one ruler. This administration seems to want the same thing.
How long will it be before they come after us? The United States is weaker than its ever been. Washington doesn’t seem to mind spending money that’s not theirs.
The first thing that needs to be done is to start impeachment charges for treason against Obama and his administration.
Egypt’s Muslims are enemies of Israel, and Obama has no right to give aid to use against Israel. It is time for Christians to voice their rights and march on Washington.
This may be the last chance to stand up in God’s name since our government has become the anti-Christ.
Think about it. Are you ready to give up your way of life and your Christian Bible? After all, the United States was founded on God’s Holy Word and it is sad she has forgotten who he is.
Kathy M. Isom