Obama has earned second term

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Some are urging voters to take a chance on Mitt Romney. I beg to differ, particularly since innuendo and dishonesty are often substituted for valid reasons.
It’s a shame well-meaning persons can stray so far from the truth.
It’s true Romney has provided only scant tax records while President Obama has released 12 full years.  Yet Romney’s net worth is guessed to be more than $230 million.  President Obama’s net worth is estimated at $6 million.
It’s true Romney made a fortune in leveraged business buyouts; then floated loans that forced bankruptcy; stripped stockholders of values held, and ruthlessly auctioned the assets for personal gain.
Jobs by the thousands went to China, leaving entire American communities without employment or livelihood. I wonder who he’ll try to sell out if he’s president. My fear is it will be good, ordinary folks all over the nation.
Incidentally, it’s also true Obama’s response to Romney’s travesty is the creation of five million new jobs in just over three years.
It’s true Romney keeps his millions stashed in foreign banks to beat U.S. taxes. Obama’s funds are in a blind trust, but his paid tax rate in 2010 nearly doubled Romney’s.
It’s true the Obama daughters attend a Quaker day school in Washington and the Romney sons are all alumni of a pricey, exclusive prep school near Boston.
Talk of this represents a new low, for never before have I heard of anyone trying to play dirty politics with where presidential children attended school.
It’s true the Romneys own plush pads and Cadillacs on both coasts and a racehorse worth six figures. It’s also true the Obamas own a mortgaged house in Chicago, they vacation in rental units, and no longer keep a car. They do have a dog.
So, if facts count, I believe voters really owe President Obama the opportunity to continue quality leadership in our nation and in the greater world.
There’s no 30 percent or 47 percent; it’s all citizens all the time. He has, without question, earned a second term.
John A. Duvall
Elk Creek