Nursing home thanked for husband's care

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My husband “Jack” Carpenter recently went to be with his Heavenly Father while a resident at Waddell Nursing Home. He had resided there for four and a half years.
I want to express to all of the staff who cared for Jack, my heartfelt thanks for the love and care extended to him and also to me.
The staff and I quickly became family and bonded in a way that I will always hold dear to my heart. They wiped away my tears and held me close when I needed them.
I wish to convey to anyone who has a friend or family member residing in any nursing home to take the time to visit. It means so much and many people have no one.
I soon learned that a smile or just sticking my head in their room and saying “Good night, I love you,” generated lasting friendships..
Many people are placed in the nursing home knowing that nurses and CNAs are going to take care of them, and they do. They feel the pain when they lose someone. It is a difficult job but they do it with love.
So I encourage anyone who has a friend or family member to make the effort to visit. You will be rewarded in so many ways.
Thanks again to my “girls and Larry” for your care. Know that you are loved and I will always remember you. God Bless the entire staff.
Doris W. Carpenter