Nursing home staff commended

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Recently, I was a resident in the facility of Grayson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Independence.
I had a terrible home accident that resulted in a broken knee and crushed ankle.
We chose the Grayson facility because it was close to my son’s job and he could visit after work. I was so happy my family and I chose Grayson. You always have a certain mindset when it comes to any nursing home.
I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing in this life is ever 100 percent perfect, but I am happy to say that I was treated well by almost everyone and the exceptions were few.
I was treated with respect, and everything that I said needed to be attended to was taken seriously and was promptly taken care of.
All involved were professional and the kindness to myself and other patients was evident. When families make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, they usually put on a good face when family is deciding, but these people at Grayson followed through.
From Diane to Kathy Johnson to Pam (who I bothered so much, but she always came with a smile), to the LPNs, especially Debbie, Tom, Brandi, Ashley, who brought my medications, etc.
I can’t forget the people who came in touch with the patients constantly. They includes Geraldine, Holly, Jessie, Nicki, Frances, Josh, Mika, Ginger and Michele. I know I forgot so many CNAs, but when you get older, well, you know.
Last but not least is the physical therapy department. My therapist (or terrorpest) Chip was great. Also, Joan and Butchie. And not to forget Bill, who drove me to doctor visits, as well as June who rode with us but would draw my blood for tests. And one more, Missy Page.
Thank you, all. If I had to be anywhere to recuperate, I’m glad it was at Grayson.
Patricia Nelson