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Unofficial results in the gubernatorial race from Carroll County show that Republican candidate Bob McDonnell took a resounding 72.98 percent of the vote totals with 5,228.

It was the same story in Grayson, as McDonnell managed 3,026 votes (70.29 percent). McDonnell also took Galax with 818 votes compared to 490 votes for Deeds.

Deeds appealed to only 1,932 Carroll voters, earning 26.97 percent of the ballots cast, while gaining only 1,279 (29.70 percent) in Grayson.

Looking down the list of election outcomes from the State Board of Elections shows that other statewide Republican candidates defeated their rivals in Carroll and Grayson County by similar margins.

Lieutenant governor-elect Bill Bolling won in Carroll with about 71 percent of the vote, or 5,037, over Democrat Jody Wagner, and attorney general-elect Ken Cuccinelli captured 71 percent of the ballots in Carroll or 5,034, to challenger Steve Shannon's 28 percent, or 1,986 votes.

In Grayson, Bolling managed 2,910 votes (68.45 percent) compared to 1,341 (31.54 percent) for Wagner. Cuccinelli bested Shannon in Grayson as well, collecting 2,839 (67.75 percent) of the votes to Shannon's 1,351 (32.24 percent).

In Galax, Bolling took 809 votes versus 488 for Wagner. Cuccinelli gained 821 votes compared to Shannon's 473.

Turnout in Carroll was calculated at about 40 percent of the active 17,745 voters, while Grayson saw similar numbers with just over 42 percent of the 10,312 registered voters turning out.

C. Edward Creed II, Republican challenger to the 10th Districe seat held by incumbent Del. Ward Armstrong — also the Democrats' House minority leader — eked out the slimmest margin over Armstrong among Carroll voters.

Though he lost the statewide race, Creed finished the day only one vote ahead of Armstrong's 2,512 in Carroll.

Considered as a percentage, Creed got exactly 50 percent to Armstrong's 49.99.

Unopposed 5th District Del. Bill Carrico (R-Grayson County) took 99.34 percent of the total 1,668 votes in Carroll. The other 11 were write-ins. In Grayson, Carrico received 3,390 votes (98.34 percent), with 57 write-in votes submitted. And In Galax, Carrico received 958 votes. Eighteen others were write-ins.

Galax Commissioner of Revenue David Hankley, also unopposed, had 983 votes, and 13 others were write-ins.



Creigh Deeds (D) — 37%

Bob McDonnell (R) — 63%

Lieutenant Governor

Bill Bolling (R) — 62%

Jody Wagner (D) — 38%

Attorney General

Ken Cuccinelli (R) — 63%

Steve Shannon (D) — 37%

Galax Commissioner of Revenue

David C. Hankley — 983 votes



Creigh Deeds (D) — 27%

Bob McDonnell (R) — 73%

Lieutenant Governor

Bill Bolling (R) — 71%

Jody Wagner (D) — 29%

Attorney General

Ken Cuccinelli (R) — 72%

Steve Shannon (D) — 28%

House of Delegates (10th District)

C. Edward Creed (R ) — 50%

Ward Armstrong (D) — 50%



Creigh Deeds (D) — 30%

Bob McDonnell (R) — 70%

Lieutenant Governor

Bill Bolling (R) — 68%

Jody Wagner (D) — 32%

Attorney General

Ken Cuccinelli (R) — 68%

Steve Shannon (D) — 32%

Grayson Supervisors (Wilson District)

Mike Maynard (R ) — 50% (529 votes)*

Kate B. Irwin (D) — 50% (525 votes)

*By state law, Irwin can request a recount of a vote this close.