No disrespect to handicapped

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My name is Stephanie Brewer and I think that I am the person that the Hotline caller was referring to in “How can they do that.”
I am very sorry if I offended anyone who saw my truck parked by town hall, however I wanted to set the record straight on the handicapped parking spaces in Fries near the town hall.
I spoke with the town clerk and she told me that there are three parking spots in front of Fries Town Hall. The spot in the middle, right in front of the door to town hall, is a handicapped-accessible parking spot with a clearly marked wheelchair symbol.
The two spots on either side of the handicapped accessible parking spot are regular parking.
I am an active volunteer at the recreation center and I am frequently loading and unloading supplies, sports equipment and children.
At the time the caller refers to, I was working at a youth dance held in the rec center theater. All the parking spaces except for the handicapped spaces in front of the theater were taken, so I parked around the corner at town hall. I am just a “regular Joe” who loves kids and helps out at the rec center at every opportunity.
I wanted to set the record straight and let everyone know that I have the utmost respect for those who are handicapped, especially since my husband’s mother is also handicapped.

Stephanie Brewer