New board takes up ordinance

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By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE — Carroll's new supervisors sent the subdivision ordinance back to the planning commission Jan. 14 for another try at updating the document.

Efforts by the previous county board members to bring up to date the regulations that guide the development of subdivisions fell by the wayside, though they were still trying to get that done just before their terms ended.

New board of supervisors' chairman Sam Dickson, who's also on the planning commission, brought up the question of what to do about updating the ordinance at the county board's first regular meeting of 2008.

He noted the planning commission started working on updating the subdivision ordinance on its own and almost got finished, but the supervisors told them to stop.

Then the plans turned into adopting Floyd County's subdivision ordinance with some changes, through a draft that both the supervisors and the planning commission members saw was based on Wythe County's.

But that didn't get very far, he said.

At this point, Dickson wondered if county officials should work on the document as a group or send it back to the planning commission, revise the old one, have a committee do it or something else.

"I do think that's something that we need to address," he said. "Does anybody have any ideas?"

Supervisor Tom Littrell felt the matter needed to be addressed as soon as possible. "It's been dangling for years."

County Administrator Gary Larrowe asked if the supervisors wanted to let the planning commission finish working on the document.

So Supervisor Andy Jackson moved to ask the planning commission to continue. The motion was approved after a second from Supervisor Wes Hurst.

In other business, the supervisors:

• made board appointments involving the supervisors themselves, though they are looking for ways to involve more citizens in other committees.

Appointments include: the chief local elected officials committee — Dickson with alternates Hurst and Assistant Administrator Ronald Newman; the Regional Water Authority with Wythe County and Wytheville — Public Service Authority Director Ray Hill and Newman; Community Services Board — Mava Vass; New River Jail Authority — Jackson and Newman; New River Highland Resource Conservation and Development — Bob Martin; Regional Industrial Facilities Authority — David Hutchins and Larrowe, with Littrell as alternate; Rooftop of Virginia — Littrell; Social Services — Hurst; Solid Waste Authority — Manus McMillian, Jackson and Larrowe; Twin County 911 Commission — Littrell and Newman; Two-State Tourism Initiative — McMillian and Tourism Director Donnie Turner; Crossroads Institute — Dickson and Larrowe; District III — Hurst with Dickson as alternate; and EMS Council — Emergency Services Coordinator Joe Roma.

• discussed the best times during the meetings to hold closed sessions in order to efficiently use the time with County Attorney Jim Cornwell of Sands Anderson.

• adopted a resolution of support as suggested by citizen Bill Duncan to ask that the Virginia General Assembly protect the public from a cycle of debt as from payday lending groups.

• heard from representatives of Waste Industries on a request to extend the company's garbage collection franchise in February.