Never felt more welcome

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“Thank you” and “you’re welcome.”
Two common phrases, usually spoken face to face after one is grateful for the way another has behaved towards the first.
I recently moved from the Tidewater area, where I spent the past three decades, to Grayson County right outside of Galax. I’m retiring here. One of the best things about retiring is, this is my last move. If I never finish unpacking, it would just mean I have too much stuff.
I haven’t traveled the world like others, but I have lived in a few states and made one Mediterranean cruise with the U.S. Navy.
Most of my time was in bigger cities or their suburbs, except for high school in southern Delaware. That was definitely country, flat country. So If I seem like I’m out of place, I am.
If you run into me I’ll mispronounce things. I’ll do it a lot because I tend to be long winded. Just tell me you have something to do or someplace to go and I’ll finish, stop in a few minutes or a couple of different topics.
But the absolute best thing about being here, is the people. I have never felt more welcome anywhere. And I just wanted to say, thanks.
Special thanks to Kim Osborne, she did all the lawyering for me, Barr’s Fiddle Shop, Tech 109, Designs Unlimited, Grayson National Bank and The Gazette.
Wayne C. Spalding