NASCAR driver helps buy clothes for Carroll kids

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By Christopher Brooke, Reporter



HILLSVILLE — Guidance counselors raced last Thursday to take advantage of clothing to benefit students bought with $4,000 provided by the Morgan Shepherd Charitable Fund.
The foundation, run by the NASCAR driver who’s career started in 1967, gave the funds to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office to do some good in the community, according to Sheriff J.B. Gardner.
“This is really good, I think — this is really exciting,” he said. “I would like to see this happen every year.
“We were blessed that Morgan Shepherd wanted to give us money and said, ‘Do something good for the children.”
Walmart and Magic Mart gave the effort discounts on the $1,700 worth of merchandise bought so far, he said. Harmon’s provided clothing racks to properly display the items.
“We want for you to get everything that’s here so we can start fresh and do it again,” Gardner told one of the counselors.
Jessica Worrell and Melinda Upchurch collected gear for the elementary students, including winter and spring clothes, underwear and shoes.
Next time, Upchurch thought that they might buy school supplies and backpacks for students, depending on what the guidance counselors say is still needed.
Helping students is not new to the schools.
“We usually do two clothing giveaways a year, so it’s going to be awesome to have some new stuff in that,” said Emily Hindman from St. Paul.

For more information about Morgan Shepherd’s charity go to www.morganshepherdcharitablefund.org.