Mystery of property ownership solved

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On May 15, about 20 people attended a dedication service I conducted at Randal and Hilda Sutherland’s farm in Elk Creek.
No one who I know had an official document which proved whether it was James or his brother David Cornutt (Cornett) who was my Revolutionary War ancestor, but since then, thanks to three cousins, I now possess a petition and a partition which provide evidence that my fifth great-grandfather is David, and not his brother James, who died in 1824.
The Greene County, Ill., clerk’s office found the partition, which research has shown so far that neither the petition nor partition was filed in Grayson County, though the Library of Virginia has Grayson court records in boxes in its basement to be put online and both of these documents may be in those boxes.
The evidence is that the children of James Cornutt are listed and David is one of them and this document is dated in 1866 which at that time the only David, according to census records, who was born in 1805, is the one married to Phoebe Sutherland.
Another cousin posted these documents on her blog, http://kellyvial.wordpress.com.
Words cannot express our appreciation for these documents being put into our possession. We are indebted to Divine Providence because we believe this mystery was solved with His help.
To my knowledge the documents which show two daughters of James and Polly Rankin Cornutt filing the petition, and also show the final settlement of this petition, are the only official documents which show David Cornutt, born 1805, sometimes referred to as David Blue, Blue probably having been a nickname, as the son of James. Our understanding is that the mother of David was Rachel Wright.
I may be contacted about this matter at (678) 232-9258.
Pastor Jo Ann and Don Leifeste
Gonzales, Texas