More deputies keep county safe

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Grayson County is a big county for deputies to patrol.

Since Sheriff Vaughan was elected, I have noticed more deputies on patrol in the Rugby area. Several times while taking our dog out during the early morning hours I have observed deputies doing their job.

I feel safer as a result of additional deputies working the county. They have made a considerable difference by assisting our local rescue squads. Deputies have been very helpful by responding to fire and rescue calls to assist.

Our county is safer due to the number of drug dealers that have been busted in the past few years. Sheriff Vaughan stated four years ago that one of his top priorities would be illegal drugs and he has been true to his word.

I also know that Sheriff Vaughan serves with the Gideons, which will only accept those that are a member in good standing with a church.

Mr. Vaughan is a man of integrity and requires that of his deputies as well.

I commend Sheriff Vaughan for the job he has done for the past four years. Especially the team approach he has taken with the murders and major crimes that he was faced with early in his first term.

On Nov. 8, vote to re-elect Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan.

Junior Reedy