More churches should help shelter

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More churches should help shelter
It’s very interesting to read the editorials and also the Hotline.
So many people seem to be annoyed by something or someone they have no control of. Oh, ye of little faith.
Let me tell you about a woman I know. She is the wife of a minister of one of the churches in Galax.
About a year ago she took over as director of the Hostel House of the Good Shepherd, now known as Hope House. She had no money, but prayer and faith kept her going. And she has been blessed so much.
She now has helped (roughly) 200 homeless people to find their way in life, with the help of donations of food, clothing, and money, given by some of the good citizens and some churches of the surrounding area.
In this area there are around 400 churches. If each person who attends these churches would give $10 a month to this mission it would be a great help to her.
She has more plans for this house, such as heating, more bedding, more lighting and more homeless people. She has helped to find housing and schooling, and many have gotten their GED and jobs.
All are tested for drugs. If you can’t forgive and forget, tell someone who can.
The house is at 408 W. Center St. in Galax.
Cornelia Moore Carrico