Medical bills were too expensive

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Not long ago I had a back problem. Probably could have gotten over it on my own, but I was hurting so bad I went to the Galax hospital.
They did absolutely nothing that helped me. But they did do what hospitals do best.
They gave me a big fat bill of $3,582.06 for staying about two to three hours and doing a few vastly overpriced services. Plus $989 for some doctor who I guess got paid to authorize their “services.”
He finally said, “We don’t see anything,” and sent me to Baptist Hospital.
About 10 hours there and nearly $9,000 more in a bill, and I guess that God just let me get better on my own so I could be delivered from the system.
Being uninsured, however, Baptist did give me a 40 percent discount, (and they’re still getting paid several times what they are worth).
But Galax? No mercy to be found there. They’re determined to get many, many times what they are worth. And they will destroy your life to get it. It’s all about money, you know.
And of course, the ambulance service wants me to pay over $1,600 just for a rough ride to the hospitals. A total of about $14,000 in one day.
In other civilized countries it would have been about half that. And probably better service.
Sick people, if they are not rich, are better off dead than to get involved with the health care system in America. They may save your life. But what for? So they can destroy it with devastating bills?
I got a lot more to say about this, so stay tuned.
Lonnie Malcomb