May 1 election is crucial for Fries

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This letter concerns the Town of Fries town election on May 1.
This is the most controversial and crucial election to ever occur in this town.
The issues that concern citizens are: golf carts on streets, charging unnecessary excessive rates on water and sewer utility bills, unaffordable train station, possibility of raising real estate taxes.
I have lived in Fries for 46 years, served on town council two terms and also as mayor.
As far back as I can remember, Fries has been an affordable community to live and raise a family.
Fries has always been an ideal retirement place that people appreciated. If this new radical trend continues, we are in trouble. Taxes and utilities will have to be raised to accommodate their agenda.
The golf cart issue is a first step to becoming a resort town. We don’t need to support this.
Water and sewer are costing citizens extra money that we don’t need to be picked on to raise a rainy day fund.
The budget has always been made to project the future actual cost of operations. If this fund is continued into future years it will be necessary to spend it up front to qualify for federal and state grants.
That train station is something Fries can actually do without. There is actually a cost. When this building is completed, Fries will have to raise taxes to maintain its operation.
Citizens must decide if they want a resort town with higher taxes or continue on with our present pace of living.
The time has come for citizens to take back our town. You can vote for people who are level-headed and don’t have a radical agenda to accommodate their own interest or continue on to support our future demise.
By the way, if a depot is built, you will need to be careful crossing the old railroad path. The train to Fries will be so fast you will not be able to see or hear it. Don’t get run over.
Be there May 1 to vote.
William P. Warrick