Maroon Tide team, family thank community

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The Galax varsity boys’ football team would like to thank this community for supporting us on our journey to the state championship playoff game.
Although we came up short in the final game, we are honored to be the state runner-up for the first time in Galax High School history.
This experience has been awesome for us, as so many records have been broken and history has been made.
Even more memorable than that, however, is the support that has been provided by this community, and all of the fans; the excitement that built up through the week and exploded on Friday nights; the experience we gained from doing interviews, mentoring younger children, being held accountable for our actions, growing in our character and in our faith (to God we give all the glory); and developing leadership skills; and simply the exhilaration that came from the atmosphere at every game.
We could not have asked for more from this community than what we so generously received — the congratulations, the celebrations, the tailgates, the meals (from individuals, businesses and churches), the parades (the fire department and police support), the prayers, the recognition, signs at local businesses, the newspaper and radio coverage.
We could go on and on about this whole journey, but words cannot express our humble thanks for you being there for us.
No matter what people say about small towns, we would not have wanted to share this experience at any other place or with anyone else!
We hope that in turn, we gave you something to get excited about, something to look forward to and something to be proud of.
We hope that we represented God and this community well, and gave the Galax name the respect it deserves. We hope that the successes of Galax High School sports will continue. But even in the down times, we hope that you will give the athletes and coaches the same support you gave to us.
Again, thank you for everything!    
Robin Pack and GHS football players, coaches and wives, managers, parents, cheerleaders, band members