A look back at 2012 in Carroll County

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Sam Dickson is chairman of the Carroll County Board of Supervisors

This look back at 2012 is my personal view and does not necessarily reflect the views of the other supervisors.
While being elected chairman at the January 2012 organizational meeting was an honor, it began a task that would require teamwork, dedication and fortitude by all members as we developed our goals for 2012.
The goals were to complete projects in progress to meet current needs of the county and to incorporate the thoughts of the newly-elected board members.
New members completed a workshop in December 2011 with the objective that the board would start in January 2012 and move forward without losing valuable time.
We continued to work through a conflict of interest investigation, ruling and appeal. We had some other interruptions but we have been able to make much progress.
Although there have been challenges, the normal operation of the board has not been slowed because of the high quality of staff employed to fulfill the needs of county citizens. Carroll County operates with less people than most counties our size and from the chairman’s point of view, they are the BEST.
Progress by the Industrial Development Authority has truly been phenomenal for the future of Carroll County. They have worked on several economic projects that include becoming a distributor for natural gas.
We needed someone to move quickly and they responded, thus natural gas will be soon available to Mohawk Industries, Barker Microfarads, and the county administration building. I expect this to grow to include school buildings and businesses, and we are installing a line to the industrial park.
The IDA also purchased two buildings from Gildan Corp. at a cost of $1.2 million. The buildings are assessed at $4,472,700 and these facilities will have natural gas available for prospective industries. These two projects alone will open many economic growth possibilities, which will mean jobs for our citizens.
The Public Service Authority during a slow economy has also been very busy with numerous projects. The projects soon to be completed include water and sewer for the Fancy Gap area that includes Exit 8 at Interstate 77.
Due to an extremely competitive bidding environment, there were funds available from the regional water system to install the water project for Oak Grove Road citizens which will soon be completed.
The Coon Ridge water project has been funded and construction will begin soon. This project will provide much-needed water to a large percentage of the Coon Ridge citizens who have been waiting on this for years.
The PSA also completed an agreement with the city of Mount Airy, N.C, to purchase water for future growth of I-77’s Exit 1. We have worked on this for a long time.
We also now have an agreement with the Town of Hillsville to buy/sell water to each other as needed. This is another example of cooperation between Carroll County and neighboring localities to save money by working together.
We have agreements and partnerships with most localities around us and pride ourselves as being a good neighbor.
We have taken giant steps toward economic development (jobs) that has placed us in a desirable position for a successful future.
2012 was a good year, in my estimation, and events in the future will hopefully confirm this. I didn’t mention many areas such as grant money received, the 2012 fair, growth at the wholesale farmers’ market, GIS system and others due to space constraints.
I wish a blessed year for you and your family and join with me in anticipation of a great 2013 for Carroll County citizens.