Longtime residents fued with 'outsiders'

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The feud in Fries seems mainly to displease a few individuals who feel that only they can decide and debate everything.
Yes, I am an “outsider,” and we were attracted to Fries by its atmosphere, ambience, and friendly, helpful people. It’s a lovely place to live.
I would suggest that the complainer(s) get an unbiased referee, invite (politely) all the interested “outsiders” and privately sit down and discuss their differences until  reasonable agreements can be reached.
The golf cart issue, which would attract tourists and be helpful to the aged and disabled, is only one of many things that appear to infuriate those who apparently never want to see any change unless it was their idea.
I definitely agree that we don’t want to turn this charming village into a mini-Myrtle Beach. But, like it or not, some innovation and income is necessary these days.
Or would you like for all us outsiders to leave and watch Fries slowly circle until it disappears down the economic drain?
Come on kiddies, play nice!
Betty Perkins