Long Time Coming

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Chestnut Creek School of the Arts may have had a slow start after a two-year delay, but now that the paperwork and ideas have come together, the art school will take off fast.

The City of Galax has been pushing the process along as quickly as possible. This year, the city chose its director and associate director. CCSA finally came into the public eye, as various art classes have been hosted during festivals and throughout the year.  And most recently, the city has finally chosen South End Construction to begin the renovation by the end of this year.

Coinciding with the revitalization, CCSA will provide a campus environment, enticing locals and tourists to Galax from far and wide.

We're looking forward to it getting started, and the economic boost it could give downtown Galax.

By next year CCSA — the first school of its kind in Southwest Virginia — will be open, and ready to provide a plethora of art classes that embrace the traditions of the Blue Ridge Mountains.